Fauna Ritual for Discovering Your Inner Animal Sensual Archetype Fauna Ritual for Discovering Your Inner Animal Sensual Archetype

Fauna Ritual for Discovering Your Inner Animal Sensual Archetype

Where you have been shamed, you have been tamed. 

Enter Fauna, a piece from The Forest Line of chakrubs, crafted not just as a tool for physical pleasure but as an antidote to the deep-seated shame many hold within relating to sensuality. 

Fauna was inspired by the myriad creatures of folklore that act as mirrors to the untamed versions of ourselves. These creatures, often perceived as enigmatic or misunderstood, serve as powerful symbols of our own raw and unrestrained energies. They reflect those parts of our identity that we might overlook or undervalue. By engaging with these symbolic representations, we confront what we have neglected and discover valuable lessons about our true natures. Fauna invites us to delve into these lessons, encouraging us to reclaim and celebrate all aspects of our being, particularly those linked to our primal desires and Sensuality.

The simple act of self-pleasure can be a profound way to honor our own animal-instincts. But if we want to take it a little further, Fauna's energy is designed to tap into this creative, transformative power, helping us rewrite our narratives of shame into stories of empowerment and authenticity.

Fauna Ritual for Discovering Your Inner Animal Sensual Archetype

Engage in this transformative ritual with Fauna to rediscover and embrace your "inner animal"—a sensual archetype that embodies your uninhibited and true self. Here’s a detailed guide on how to proceed:

  • Preparation and Meditation with Fauna:
    • Find a Quiet Space: Ensure you are in a comfortable, undisturbed environment.
    • Connect with Fauna: Hold the Fauna chakrub, feeling its unique weight and texture. Allow its presence to ground you as you close your eyes and breathe deeply.
    • Set an Intention: As you meditate, focus on your intentions for this session. What aspects of your inner wildness are you hoping to connect with?
  • Self-Pleasure and Visualization Session:
    • Begin Exploration: With Fauna in hand, start to gently explore your body, allowing your touch to naturally awaken your senses and deepen your desires.
    • Choose Your Landscape: Visualize a setting that resonates deeply with your current emotions—be it a lush forest, a vast ocean, or a secluded mountaintop.
    • Encounter Your Inner Animal: In this landscape, imagine encountering a wild animal. This creature represents your innermost desires and raw animal instincts.
    • Interaction and Transformation: Interact with this animal. Observe its behaviors and qualities. As your connection deepens, envision either merging with this animal or transforming into it, adopting its strengths and attributes.
  • Journaling and Reflection:
    • Immediate Reflection: After concluding the session, spend some time reflecting on your experience. Jot down your initial thoughts and feelings.
    • Guided Journal Prompts:
      • What specific traits did your animal embody, and how do these relate to your desires and instincts?
      • In what ways could you embody these traits more fully in your daily life?
      • Describe the experience of merging with or becoming the animal. What emotions and insights did this bring?
    • Long-Term Reflection: Consider how you can integrate the insights gained from this ritual into your ongoing personal growth and self-expression.

By using Fauna to connect with your inner wildness, you can begin to dismantle the layers of shame and inhibition, emerging as a more confident, empowered, and authentic version of yourself.

 image by Lior Allay

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