Deepen Your Mind-Body Connection Based On Your Zodiac Sign Deepen Your Mind-Body Connection Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Deepen Your Mind-Body Connection Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Working with our unique expression of the zodiac gives us the opportunity to tune back into our bodies and its natural composition. When we let our bodies lead us through life, our mind-body connection is strong and able to send us the signals we need to live an intuitive and healthy life.

Taurus is the sensual, earth sign of the zodiac that embodies a strong and natural mind-body connection. Taurus gets a reputation for being stubborn and high maintenance, but when we look deeper into these qualities, what we really see is a commitment to honoring one’s unique and evolving needs. This fixed sign would rather hold an unpopular opinion than waver on their ideals. They would sooner arrive late or not at all than sacrifice the routine that helps them feel balanced and self-assured. Regardless of what zodiac signs make up our birth charts, we all have a collective opportunity to listen more intently to the body and learn from Taurus.

Use the zodiac sign that resonates most with you to invite rituals and intention in your daily practice that restore the connection between body and mind, allowing us to transit messages more clearly.

This reading was written using the Sacred Symbol Oracle Deck created by artist Marcella Kroll. You are encouraged to meditate on the symbols of the cards to receive additional intuitive guidance. Another way to work with this wisdom is to reflect on how you relate to the word(s) associated with your oracle card. Take note of your initial response and then look up the term(s) in a dictionary to go deeper into its medicine.

Chakrubscopes are a unique blend of tarot and astrology with crystal healing and affirmations. You can read for each of your sun, rising, and moon signs if you know them.



Affirmation: Focused attention gives me the ability to bend and stretch time.

Support stone: Carnelian will increase your confidence and focus.


Divine Masculine

Affirmation: I honor the solar energy that infuses me with drive and determination.

Support stone: Clear quartz will help you balance solar and lunar energies.



Affirmation: My love language is discovering the different ways to honor myself.

Support stone: Amethyst will invite a sense of peace to your inner explorations.



Affirmation: My intuition is a muscle that strengthens every time I follow inner knowing.

Support stone: Lapis lazuli will encourage you to give voice to your intuitions.


Good fortune

Affirmation: I recognize myself as inherently worthy of receiving what I desire.

Support stone: Green aventurine will help you see yourself as an abundant being.



Affirmation: Circumstance and opinion cannot sway my sense of self.

Support stone: Black tourmaline will fortify your commitment to self.



Affirmation: I willingly release anything that threatens to hinder my growth.

Support stone: Black obsidian will encourage honest discernment of what needs to be released.



Affirmation: I trust that every ebb and flow is perfectly aligned with my soul’s expansion.

Support stone: Rose quartz will encourage a compassionate heart through all stages of growth.



Affirmation: A commitment to gratitude keeps my flame burning.

Support stone: Selenite will purify your mind of unproductive thoughts that interfere with gratitude.



Affirmation: Support becomes available when I am vulnerable enough to seek it.

Support stone: Green opal will help you let down the walls blocking your heart.


Full moon

Affirmation: I make space for the unknown miracles that will soon occur.

Support stone: Scolecite will cleanse your field so that you can be a clear channel for divine wisdom.



Affirmation: The target does not move when I turn my focus within.

Support stone: Red jasper will help you remain grounded as you move forward.

Feature Image from “A Long Undressing,” Directed by Julissa Yasmeen Ramirez and Charlotte Strange

The original text was edited by Julianna Carbonare on July 25, 2021.

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