Choosing Crystals Based on Color Magic Choosing Crystals Based on Color Magic

Choosing Crystals Based on Color Magic

Every color holds a specific intention, vibrational energy, and emotional response. An easy and potent way to harness the magic of a specific color is through crystals. By working with crystals in your rituals and meditations, you can amplify the magic of your current intentions and manifest the desired effects within your life. There is a plethora of crystals associated with each color of the rainbow, but these are just a few of my favorites in my current rotation. My favorite way to connect with a new magical stone is to let my eyes dance around an assortment and see my gaze lands first. We always know what we need and our intuition will lead us there. With this guide, may you enjoy the magic of color as you amplify your intentions through crystals.

Red is a powerful and intense color used to invoke our passion, determination, and inner strength. Red is connected to our root chakra and helps us celebrate the fact that we are alive! Use red to awaken your sensuality and personal power. Use red when you are entering a battle of leveling up to go after what you really desire and need to feel like the ultimate warrior. I recommend Red Jasper to increase one’s courage and self confidence while releasing any lingering feelings of shame and guilt.

Orange is Red’s less intense little sister. Connected to our sacral chakra, orange is the color of creation. Reach for this potent hue when you need a creative boost of inspiration or yearn to connect with your sexual desires. Orange is flirty and fun! Carnelian is a beautiful stone to get you motivated for success as your creative juices begin to flow.

Moving through the color wheel, we come to yellow. Happy, bright, optimistic yellow offers an energizing burst of sunshine on a cloudy day. Yellow offers a new perspective and a dose of clarity when we feel confusion. Yellow Calcite connects to our Solar Plexus and offers a boost of self confidence as we clear our self doubt. Reach for this crystal if you are studying or learning new skills as it is a major memory amplifier.

Green is a beautiful color that we can always use more of in our lives. This vibrant shade connects to our Heart chakra as it ushers in healing, nurturing, and abundance. I love working with this color in tandem with others for a double shot of healing effects. Malachite is my favorite stone to work with when focusing on manifestation, abundance, and balance. Malachite is highly healing and encourages personal transformation when activated.

Blue, the most common favorite color as she is so easy to love! When invoking this hue, think of the calm of the vastness of a clear sky and the never ending ocean. Blue is connected to our Throat chakra and helps aid in communication. Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone to work with when searching for one’s inner truth and learning how to properly express it to others. Many issues we come across simply boil down to communication errors and this stone helps to provide much needed clarity in vague or misunderstood situations.

Purple is a highly spiritual color. Connected to our Crown chakra, this tranquil hue can be best used for emotional balance, spiritual enlightenment, and astral dream work. Amethyst near one’s bed at night promotes sweet dreams, spiritual protection, and heightened intuition.

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Quartz With Apophyllite & Stilbite Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India



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