Choosing a Chakrub for Healing Past Trauma: Rose Quartz or Black Obsidian

This is an excellent question and one that comes up often. Because black obsidian is known for releasing negative emotional implants and trauma, this is one that is highly recommended for those who are wanting to go through deep emotional cleansing.

However, there are some cases when obsidian can be a little too intense, as it can bring forward repressed memories, some of which can be difficult so face.

Depending on your current situation, how much time you have to dedicate to this healing, and how much support you have, it may be best to start with something that is a little more gentle.

I started my journey with the Xaga Chakrub and it revealed many things in terms of repressed sexual fantasies, sexual trauma I didn’t realize I had endured, and how I dealt with anger. At the time I was unable to express anger and would turn those emotions inward. In order to work through this, I spent a year yelling whenever I felt angry. This method felt in conflict with what I was learning about compassionate communication, but I realized that I needed to be okay with anger in order to love myself more fully.

If you are someone who has had very traumatic experiences, rose quartz, The Heart Chakrub may be the best choice. It is a comforting stone, one that connects the upper and lower chakras. It soothes the heart and brings your energy level to a place that is a vibrational match for love.

Alternatively, you may wish to work with the obsidian Xaga Chakrub, while keeping a piece of rose quartz or your Heart Chakrub nearby. Release with the Xaga, then replenish with the Heart.

The most important thing is to honor your personal process, no matter how long it takes. Recognize that by taking these steps you have put yourself on the path of healing, so you can never go back to where you once were. Even when you run into some bad luck or situation, you will be greeting it from a new perspective, one that lends itself to your well-being, because now you experience it with your healing sensibility and awareness.

Feature Image by Pia Riverola

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