Choose a New Practice For Your Rising Sign Choose a New Practice For Your Rising Sign

Choose a New Practice For Your Rising Sign

If you're feeling called to add a new practice to your life or daily rituals, your rising sign can guide you in that calling.

The rising sign is mostly known as our external shell— the character traits that most of the world sees but that aren't the truest depth of who we are. But it also serves to help us understand the energy that moves our physical body and its way of approaching life. Because of that, the rising sign is a natural area of the birth chart to dive into when wanting to seek guidance in how to add practices to our life that will serve our highest selves and astrological bodies.

Below, you will find a message of guidance for your rising sign to help you choose a new ritual to add to your life and routines. Keep in mind that some signs need clear, actionable practices (e.g. meditation) and others simply need an affirmation to bring awareness to a specific area of growth from them.

Chakrubscopes are a unique blend of tarot and astrology with crystal healing and affirmations. You can read for each of your sun, rising, and moon signs if you know them.



You hold the key, all you need to do is turn it and open the door. You’ve worked hard and created opportunities for yourself -- don’t let imposter syndrome talk you out of taking them. It might be wise to infuse a literal talisman (a crystal, keepsake, or even a pleasure tool) with an intention that affirms the roads that are opening for you.

Affirmation: I am worthy of receiving all opportunities that come to me.



You’re inspired by the endless beauty on this earth and beyond and you’re motivated to see it all. However, don’t let that eagerness interfere with your ability to be present and to perceive the beauty that exists in the moment that you’re in. Take pause and see what arises when you’re not paying active attention.

Affirmation: I savor each moment by embracing stillness.



Know that you are protected and that you are here for a purpose. It can be scary to venture into unknown territory, but you must trust that you will not be led to a place that you are not ready for. The journey to get there is what will prepare you. Go forward and trust that your higher self and guides will do their best to clear obstacles from your way.

Affirmation: I am divinely supported as I tread into the unknown.


Divine Feminine

Temper your flame and allow yourself to be receptive to new ways of being. If you are constantly running into the same problem, perhaps a softer approach is needed. Consider how you are nurturing your ideas and projects; try listening to them instead of demanding from them. Remember that divine timing is always at work and trust that magic will manifest when your spell is complete.

Affirmation: I tend to subtle energies to make room for grand epiphanies.


New Life

A new path is unfolding, are you brave enough to follow its unknown curves and detours? You might be feeling fortified and more capable than ever, but try to maintain a childlike curiosity and sense of play as you move in this new direction. This could be the beginning of something wonderful, which is all the more reason to consider what foundation you are laying.

Affirmation: I am endlessly inspired by the person I’m becoming.



Know that the answers you are seeking will find you. You are undergoing a shift, a change in perception, perhaps an enlightenment of some sort. Assist in these changes by removing that which is stagnant and of no use. Be open to a new reality, one that might be world’s different from anything your innovative mind could conceive.

Affirmation: I am gentle with myself as I undergo constant evolution.



You are being asked to step outside of your comfort zone, to call upon the contrasting element of fire. Empower yourself to speak your mind, to take action, to be in pursuit of the thing your heart yearns for. Now is not the time for complacency, be bold in identifying and claiming your desires.

Affirmation: I fan the flames of desire to ignite motivation.


Spiritual Cleansing

It’s time to turn your focus inward and assess your spiritual health. Perhaps you’ve picked up ideas or beliefs that are weighing on you or inhibiting your growth. Cleanse yourself of unwanted energies and commit to practices that not only restore you to optimal spiritual health, but allow you to remain connected to this aspect of yourself.

Affirmation: I release all energetic baggage to help my spirit find peace.



This month, practice humility and never assume that you know all sides of a situation. Be open to hearing another version of the story. Alternatively, you might want to also consider what you’re sharing with others and what information is worth protecting.

Affirmation: I am willing to slow down to perceive in more detail.



You are being guided at this time, but you’ll have to slow down to discern these subtle suggestions. Become curious about the ways you can be in conversation with your guides and ancestors, whether that’s truth a meditation practice, journaling, or writing down your dreams. Know that you are not alone and lean on this divine support system for guidance.

Affirmation: I am open to receiving divine wisdom from my guides.



You’re being asked to leave your comfort zone of the emotional realm for a more practical way of thinking. That doesn’t mean you should deny the wisdom of your feelings, only that you should allow the mind to weigh in as well. Sometimes logic, analysis, critical thinking, and facts are needed to paint a full picture.

Affirmation: I fuse the wisdom of the heart with the mind to move forward in harmony.


Full moon

A cycle is ending or has ended and you are being asked to release, to make space for rebirth to occur. There is no need to do anything now, other than celebrate yourself for this growth and contemplate what lies ahead. Allow yourself to meditate on the moon’s magic and use its glowing surface as a scry to reveal your destiny.

Affirmation: Just like the moon, I continue to rise and renew myself.

The original text was edited by Julianna Carbonare on April 27, 2021.

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