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Rhodonite Curve



I’ve never felt as happy with my body as I do after receiving it. The buzz in my 5th chakra is amazing. I’m am so thankful that I found your site.


Finally there is a personal care product with a personal touch. I was overwhelmed by the evident care the package came in.This product feels like it was intended for me, none of the awful, stale feeling of mainstream plastic-y sex toys that feel impersonal. I will certainly order again. 


This thing honestly saved my life. And Maria loves it too.


Classic vibrators can go in the bin. The weight and energy of my chakrub is incredible & totally different from anything else I have experienced with it. The energy that flows from her is beautiful!


I wanted my first sex toy to be something really special, and this is it! It's heavy in the best way and is incredibly empowering. I do like to run mine under warm water before I start (as recommended) so it's nice and warm. I'd recommend this item to anyone who really cared about what they were going to put in their body.  So nice to have such a high quality option. 


I have never gotten anything like this— especially not for myself. I feel like I have been able to return to myself for the first time in a long time. Thank you.


wow firstly holy mother.... this crystal is GOOOOOORGEOUS like gorgeous. gorgeous. omg. to have the pleasure to be able to work with this babe, wowww. what an honor. i am sooooul grateful, thank you. she yeah feels very full inside of me and is very nice internally & externally. mmm! thank you!

Nicole Ashley
Los Angeles, CA


I developed Chakrubs in 2011 as a response to my desire to feel deeply, after becoming numb from long exposure to an emotionally and physically draining relationship. I knew that intimacy with myself was a step on the right direction to self-love, and while I don't believe we necessarily need anything outside of ourselves to activate self-love, I love employing tools - espcially ones as sacred as crystal, which hold wisdom imbued with the creation of the earth. I realized that if I needed something, others may, too. After all these years I am still honored to bring these creations to others. I love when you love yourself.


Vanessa Cuccia