Talu - Jupi

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A collaboration between Chakrubs and Affect Metals to get in touch with a lesser-known chakra called the Talu, located in the mouth. The Talu has two stainless steel chains, one connecting at the back of head and one on top, and is finished off with a pure crystal ball gag. This deeply meditative piece helps to ease reflection and encourage play. The delicacy of the hard, woven metal facilitates feelings of safety as well as exploration, while the crystal helps to ease communication before, during, and  after being gagged.



  • is thought to stimulates the pineal gland
  • represents the bridge between the throat and third eye
  • brings clarity to intuition and communication


Weight: 0.5 lb
Diameter of Ball: 1.67 in
Arrives in a keepsake box or pouch
Chakrubs do not require batteries

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