The Xaga Bundle

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Choose your Xaga Chakrub and yoni egg with our new Xaga  bundle.


Black Obsidian:

  • is the stone of protection and the shadow
  • promotes self control and keeping excessive emotions and passions under control
  • eases past relationship trauma and overcoming emotional strain
  • promotes clarity when making difficult decisions
  • absorbs negative energies and attachments
  • releases sexual shame and healing related traumas


The Original - Weight: 1 lb
Measured Flat: 7” long and 1.67” wide 
Circumference: 3.75” small end and 5” large end

The Slim - Weight: 0.5 lb
Measured Flat: 7” long and 1.33” wide
Circumference: 2.5” small end and 3.5” large end

The Curve - Weight: 0.5 lb
Measured Flat: 6.75” long by 1.33” wide
Circumference: 3.5”

The Yoni Egg - 2 oz 
30mm x 43mm

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