The Rabbit Jade Breast Massager

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Breast massagers can be used to drain the breasts’ lymphatic system and create a path for nutrient-rich blood to travel to the breast tissue. Regular breast massage helps to remove environmental and energetic toxins stored in breast tissue. Including crystals in breast massage gives you the added benefit of imbuing the breasts with the metaphysical properties of the crystal that seep into the heart chakra.


White Jasper

  • the stone of nurturing and peace
  • can help find closure, for relationships and other endings
  • amplifies inner peace and white aura energy
  • nurtures sensual enlightenment
  • enhances comfort, kindness, and emotional healing
  • resolves inner conflict to bring about peaceful endings


Weight: 4 oz
Arrives in a keepsake box or pouch
Chakrubs do not require batteries

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