Erotic Spirituality: Live 7-Week Course

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Erotic Spirituality: A Way of Life Based in Seduction

Erotic Spirituality is a multi-session dive into your primitive feminine energy, your wildest erotism, your embodiment of pleasure and reception, and total surrender to yourself and the infinite space you are. This course is a live experience held weekly via Zoom. You'll attend 2 one-hour sessions and 5 90-minute sessions and you will receive recordings after each session. 

It is a group journey that  includes a personal assessment and post-course grounding activation as well as an open forum for questions. Each week, you’ll be joined by Maria Soledad as she guides you through techniques and practices that can be integrated into your life to maximize your feminine expression and open yourself more fully to pleasure. 

This course will be held on Zoom every Sunday at 2 pm EST for 7 consecutive weeks, beginning on October 1st and coming to a close on November 12th.

A message from Maria:

This is a dive through your luscious body. 

As women we have been conditioned with lots of restrictions. Feeling that we need to conform and fear our deepest desires for pleasure, abandonment to ecstasy and a freeing expression of our sexuality. These are the times to honor the primitive in us, the wilderness that longs for safety, for a space to be seen, fully received and fully enjoyed. And the way? The fierce feminine: only love, total surrender to be at service of pleasure and embracing it all from a place of spacious generosity. The only way is vulnerability.

It's my truest craving to share with you technologies that will ignite and fire up your internal and natural magic, your ability to hold pleasure, to be present and available for ecstasy, orgasm and the electrifying joy that comes when you allow life, love, experiences, another and specially your body to take you there.

This 7-dive experience is for you to let go, dive deep, experience utter pleasure from your deepest core and emerge with the realization of how within you lies the most delicious, luscious self. All of this lies within so that you can be in a constant state of seduction with it all.


Our Map: 

✨7 group sessions 

✨2 one-hour dives and 5 90-minute dives

✨Dive 1 is a one-hour session to diagnose. Using my channeling magic, I’ll assess where the group is in terms of sense of embodiment, in terms of your feminine energy, and realize where we have to go deeper. We will also receive main relationship patterns that need integration. 

✨Dive 7 is a one-hour grounding dive into where the group has arrived after your delicious journey and where you are headed now that integration is settling.

✨ The other 5 dives will be focused on an specific aspect of feminine energy that needs to be activated. Each of these 90-minute dives are described below, week by week.

✨These dives are experiential. You’ll receive technologies and practices to immediately apply the activations you will go through in your  everyday life. We’ll also have space for interaction: Q & A and/or any type of sharing! 

Week 1


Week 2 

Womb activation. Conscious touch. Practices to ignite the senses and your experience of your within through the body.

Week 3 

Seduction. Tantra technologies. Activation of deep arousal and the experience of internal beauty as a catalyst for rich magnetism. 

Week 4 

Releasing control through your body. Realizing at a Cognitive level what is the model of feminine energy and what’s your actual feminine experience. Awareness of the consciousness of obedience and disobedience. Being. Embracing.

Week 5 

Igniting your love affair with the world. Active meditation to connect deeply with the most primitive in you. Unleashing your every aspect. Shining brightly for all to see.

Week 6 

Absolute surrender and integration of emotional maturity.

Week 7



The work is supported by tarot, psychomagic, tantra techniques, theta and gamma brainwave meditation and my overall channeling of ancestral feminine ways imprinted in our beings. 


Sessions will be held live via zoom and will be recorded!


What to expect:
  • Re discover your body’s sensitivity and what has been closed up or lost in you
  • Experience pleasure and your utter feminine expression to the core
  • Understand at a cognitive level, aspects of your primitive wound and how they have affected your sexuality
  • Ignite openness, availability, and presence in your body
  • Receive Magical techniques, both ancestral and unique to feminine wisdom, to wake up your body and be in your total magnetism everyday


This course is for you if:
  • You want to connect to your sacred beauty, power, and feminine energy and embody it
  • You’ve been feeling a disconnect from your body
  • Your body has changed and you are not comfortable in it
  • You desire a conscious connection with you and another
  • You wish to experience more pleasure within and without
  • It is easier for you to give and focus on the needs of others and you would love some balance to receive and release fully


Learn more about Maria Soledad by visiting her website:

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