Yoni Eggs: A Spiritual Tool for Pelvic Health, Libido and More Yoni Eggs: A Spiritual Tool for Pelvic Health, Libido and More

Yoni Eggs: A Spiritual Tool for Pelvic Health, Libido and More

Yoni eggs are sensual tools that have been used for centuries to improve their sexual health and add a bit more pleasure into their lives. Different yoni egg products are proven to help improve vaginal health and other benefits when regularly used. Read on to learn more about what yoni eggs have to offer and why they’re a good investment for your health and pleasure.

Improve Comfort

Regular use of a crystal yoni egg has been shown to help reduce the severity of PMS and to reduce menstrual cramps in some instances. This action can help make you more comfortable when it’s your time of the month and it’s something easy that you can do regularly. Adding a high quality crystal yoni egg to your collection of sex toys will ensure that you have a good egg to practice with whenever you have the opportunity, and that might help you stay more comfortable in the future.

Enhance Vaginal Health

Regularly using a yoni egg isn’t just pleasurable, it’s also good for your vaginal health. It can help give you more control over your vaginal muscles and improve the strength of your pelvic floor, which can prevent a prolapse and help prevent incontinence as well.

Improve Libido and Pleasure

Using a yoni egg can help encourage the growth of nerve endings and tissue within the vagina, which will make sex more enjoyable over time and improve your experiences in the future. Using a Chakrub regularly can also help improve your body’s natural lubrication, making sexual intercourse more enjoyable.

A high quality crystal yoni egg offers a wide range of benefits and it is a product that you can use and enjoy for years. Add one or several to your own personal collection and start benefiting. A great piece is a rose quartz yoni egg that’s been hand carved; you’ll be amazed at the quality and the effectiveness of it. High quality sexual toys aren’t cheap, but they’re worth the cost for the pleasure and health benefits that they can offer you when used regularly.

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