Sex Magick with Gabby Herstik and The Original Heart Sex Magick with Gabby Herstik and The Original Heart

Sex Magick with Gabby Herstik and The Original Heart

I first started to work with Venus in December of 2016. A decade before she’d come to me in a dream, but I was pre-pubescent and the idea of working with a goddess of sex and love was too much. She was intense and I wasn’t ready. But somehow I found my way back to her, back to my home of California, to the rocky shore and the salty waves that hum her name every time they kiss the sand.

I found a home in Venus, a path back into the cavern of my heart. I started to recognize all the walls I let other people build around my heart center and I decided it was time to finally tear them down. Rose quartz became one of my greatest allies, a compassionate companion that reminded me to not only open my heart but to keep it open. As my practice and worship of Venus deepened, so did my relationship with sex. My solo sex practice became a way for me to work through the pains I stored in my heart, to move and shift energy, to start the practice of allowing me heart to not only bloom, but to stay open and nourished and loved. Of course it came with some killer orgasms, but the energy stayed around my sacral chakra. It wasn’t until I got my rose quartz Chakrub that my practice with sex magick and my worship of Venus really started to truly open my heart and my yoni.

Orgasms are powerful. They’re healing. They’re a connection to the divine and in my case, a direct line to Venus. I’ve been working with sex magick by using my orgasms as a way to manifest for years, but things changed with my Chakrub, (and not just because I’m pretty sure there’s nothing more Venusian than a beautiful rose quartz crystal dildo). Suddenly I was able to dedicate my pleasure to my matron goddess and to my own heart. Masturbating became a sacred ritual; I became more conscious of my breathing, of my energy, of my intention. I would light the candle I had for Venus and then use my Chakrub to solidify my intention of keeping my heart open. There’s nothing wrong with pleasure for pleasure’s sake, but with the added energy of the rose quartz I felt my sacral and heart chakras were honored, balanced and adored. My orgasms became more intense, and I felt the line between my heart and yoni open. I started having energy orgasms; my heart felt like it was bursting out of my chest and slowly but surely I felt all the pain I’d been carrying around melt away. My relationships deepened and I started finding the way I related to others was more full, more loving, more pure. The afterglow from a solo session with my Chakrub invigorated my whole aura; I started to glow from the inside out.

Suddenly I was able to tap into my heart space easier. I would get heart orgasms driving down the road, windows open, as the wind kissed my cheek and I sang my favorite song. I became more present. I felt Venus more too, and my connection to her deepened. And suddenly I had another tool to use in my practice with sex magick; my Chakrub was the wand I needed to focus my energy, whatever my intention was. Whether I’m performing a spell to manifest, to banish or to simply connect, my Chakrub is the first tool I turn to. It still gives me the best orgasms of my life, and it still opens my heart more than anything else. It’s a constant practice to keep this shining, sensual and loving heart open, but now I don’t feel like it’s work. It’s pleasure for pleasure’s sake, in honor of Venus, and in honor of myself, and that’s something that won’t ever get old.

Feature Image of Gaby Herstik by Ivory Woods

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