Plant Power: Four Ways to Explore Your Eco-Curiosity Plant Power: Four Ways to Explore Your Eco-Curiosity

Plant Power: Four Ways to Explore Your Eco-Curiosity

One of the reasons people gravitate to Chakrubs is because they are an earthly material that responds to our energy. Unlike a silicone or plastic toy that is happy to get you off regardless of your engagement, Chakrubs ask you to be fully present for your pleasure. While it is true that this is a more vulnerable exchange, you are rewarded with fresh insights into your own inner workings and a deeper connection to self.

Crystals are just one option for exploring a sensual relationship with nature. They help us realize that nature is all around us — that we are nature — and we can tune into that connection at any time. They help us become more aware of how we are in exchange with our environments and whether those exchanges are of mutual benefit.

Interested in creating a deeper connection to Mother Earth? Here are a few ideas for exploring your eco-curiosity:

1. Hug a tree

Numerous scientific studies have shown that access to nature has a positive impact on human mental health and wellbeing. We need only look to the phenomena of photosynthesis to see how our livelihoods are intertwined.

If you are looking to create a deeper connection to nature, tree hugging can help create a lasting bond. Visit your local park and take in the plant life around you. See if there are any plants that you feel drawn to. If so, you might approach it in the same way you’d approach a friendly stranger. Greet the tree and introduce yourself, compliment it and tell it what makes it stand out.

You might take off your shoes and socks so that you can touch the tree’s roots and get familiar with its soil. You can place one hand upon its bark and tune into its energy. Ask the tree if it would like a hug and see if you can intuit a response. Once you are granted permission, you can place your arms around the tree and notice how strong and sturdy it is. Take note of any shifts in your personal energy — you might feel inspired, creative, calm, or a sense of connection.

If you feel called to you can begin a relationship with the tree, perhaps reading under its shade or adding its fallen leaves to your altar. As you visit this tree over the seasons, you can take note of how it changes and how those transformations are reflected in your own life.

2. Watch nature get it on

We can learn something from the natural world when it comes to sex. Nature does not have performance anxiety, nor does it deny itself pleasure because it feels insecure or unworthy. In fact, when we step away from our human hamster wheels, we might notice that nature is in constant coitus all around us! The bee’s stinger pulsates as it hungrily gulps pollen from a flower in bloom. Squirrels dart up and down telephone poles in spontaneous games of chase. Birds and butterflies let the wind choreograph their dances of procreation. All of these sensual surprises are waiting to be discovered if only we take the time to stop and notice them.

3. Invite nature into the bedroom

The natural world can provide new and interesting sensations when we introduce it into our bedroom activities. Sprinkle rose petals across your sheets or in your bath and notice how their satin-y texture feels against your skin. Tease or tickle yourself with a feather and see what feelings take flight. If you’re into impact play, a wooden paddle can be a fun way to submit to nature’s force.

4. Play in The Forest Line

Sculpted from wood and naturally died with botanicals, The Forest Line is an invitation to return to the woods, the setting of our favorite childhood fairy tales. It reminds us of the power of play and imagination and their potential to enrich our sex lives. It also allows us to dive deeper into our understanding of plant energy and how it combines with our own. Whether you’re looking to amp up seduction with the serpent-inspired Angitia or ride the gentle waves of the Sirenetta, the Forest Line offers plenty of options for exploring the subtleties of plant magic.

Feature Image by Cecilia Di Paolo

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