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How do you create a sacred space to relax into your rituals? Chakrubs can be used in altars at home. Creating an altar space for your Chakrub or integrating your wand into a current altar provides an open space for you to treat your sexuality as sacred. Your altar serves as the spiritual center of your home and is a place where you can meditate, work with magic, and focus on your highest self.

Click here for more information on how to create an altar space with your Chakrub.

My Body Is My Temple. It should be loved, tended to, and treated as such.

My Body Is My Temple. It has natural sensuality and curves that emphasize raw beauty.

My Body Is My Temple. It is a physical and energetic landscape, a cosmic work of art, a sensual, sexual, and confident vessel.

My Body Is My Temple. It is not here to please anyone but myself (unless I want to).

My Body Is My Temple. I find it and I dive in, embrace, deeply embody, even the darkness.

My Body Is My Temple. I apologize to it for not being compassionate. I seep back into my current of truth. It grounds, leads me back home. Discovers places not previously explored.

Sips Of Expansion.

I treat it well and redefine my self love – I deserve it.

I breathe deeply and watch for surprise.

Campaign by Jenny Sotelo and Kate Hollowell for Chakrubs

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