How to Use a Crystal Massage Wand - Tips for Beginners How to Use a Crystal Massage Wand - Tips for Beginners

How to Use a Crystal Massage Wand - Tips for Beginners

A crystal massage wand is a stone, crystal or fashioned rock that is usually about the length of a pencil. The different materials are specifically for unique energy releases and treatments. For example, a quartz massage wand is what healers use for treatments to improve energy and health.

The power of one’s intention is what drives energy out of the wand. It’s always better to program the crystal massage wand to your specific intentions. The ways you can use a crystal massage wand, especially the quartz massage wand, are given below.

1. You can start by drawing the “bad” energy out of an affected area. This is done by holding the wand over the wound, but it is not necessary to actually make contact with the body. Make sure the quartz massage wand is the point that is pointing away from the area being healed. Some people do it by drawing a circle or spiral in the air above the wound by waving the crystal massage wand in a counter-clockwise direction.

2. Replace the negative energy with positive energy to heal the affected area, so do the opposite of point. Hold the crystal massage wand point down over the afflicted area as you visualize healing energy coming down into the crystal, through it, and then into the patient’s body in a focused beam of energy.

3. In order to scan the aura and chakra to heal wounds and blockages, it’s easier to have the patient in a laying down position. Begin with a certain point then hold the quartz massage wand horizontally over the patient without touching the patient. Slowly move the crystal massage wand over the entire body and as you do this, take note of the areas where the crystal massage wand feels different.

4. Go to the blocked areas once you have finished scanning the auras and use the massage wand exactly like you did before.

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