Healing Through Orgasms With Chakrubs Crystal Sex Toys (an Interview with the Founder of Chakrubs) Healing Through Orgasms With Chakrubs Crystal Sex Toys (an Interview with the Founder of Chakrubs)

Healing Through Orgasms With Chakrubs Crystal Sex Toys (an Interview with the Founder of Chakrubs)

This article originally appeared at Haute Macabre.

The first time I read about Chakrubs crystal sex toys I honestly scoffed at it a bit, but couldn’t get it out of my mind. I remember standing in a book and crystal shop in Boston last year with a friend and quietly asking her if she had also heard of it, and we both had a moment of “Yeah, now we’ve seen everything … but have you tried them?”. Eventually, I ordered one for myself. I started with the obsidian Original Xaga, and upon opening the package, I was instantly intimidated. It’s a beautiful object, a solid, shiny smooth black, that has a formidable weight to it – not just a physical weight, but a serious pull from it. I timidly brought it with me to my bedroom and quickly lost all apprehension: I felt a shock when it first touched me, and I was literally brought to my knees by its effects. It radiates an intense energy that translates to its personal usage: each orgasm it produces is hyper amplified by the properties of the crystal, and each usage strengthens your connection to the Chakrub.

Can you tell us why you started Chakrubs? Why crystals?

After years of working with Chakrubs I’ve discovered that it is part of my soul’s path. The crystals asked me to bring them to this light as part of the process for Divine Feminine Awakening. Many of my life experiences (if not all of them), were leading me to be the conduit for the crystals to do this sacred work. When I first had the idea, it was back in 2011 when I was living with a spiritual teacher and working at a sex toy shop. I had taken the job at the sex toy shop to put myself around knowledgeable, sex-positive people, who could help me understand my own sexual hang-ups. I found myself being interested in their products, they carried everything; high-end vibrators, lingerie, books, you name it. But I realized at one point that I needed more than an orgasm. While pleasure was very important to me, I knew that along my journey with sexuality, I had subconsciously learned to dissociate from my body. I needed to un-learn this, I needed to connect with myself. So, one night I went with my spiritual teacher friend to a woman’s house and she brought out a crystal-wand. Something “clicked” within me, and I realized with a few adjustments it could be used as a sex toy. The name “Chakrubs” entered my mind almost immediately, and my life changed. Crystals felt like a more intimate material to use than anything that was currently available at the store – silicone, stainless steel, wood, glass, squishy jelly-like substances. Crystals are beautiful, natural, they carry the history of the earth, as well as properties for well-being. I wanted this tool for my own sexual and energetic healing, and I felt strongly that if I wanted it, others would, too.

What is a yoni egg?

Yoni is a sanskrit term that represents the vulva, or “sacred space”. A yoni egg is a crystal polished in the form of an egg for a person to hold inside. It can be worn as a tool for physical exercise, strengthening the vaginal muscles while also teaching to create a full range of motion when learning to release the egg. Advanced users may even do vaginal weight lifting, yoga, or other practices. It is an ancient Chinese system traditionally used with jade crystal. I like to think of it as a way to deepen the connection we have to ourselves by creating awareness of our sexual energy through the use of the crystal.

What does each crystal signify?

Every crystal has different metaphysical properties that we go in depth of on our website, chakrubs.com. For example, rose quartz is associated with the heart and is beneficial for soothing heartache, while amethyst is good for people who suffer with addictive personalities. Crystals can also be charged with intentions, so if you create a focused wish with a crystal, it becomes infused with that energy.

What are your favorites?

I love the Chakrubs Prism. It is made from clear quartz, which is considered the master healer stone. It brings me clarity and also holds rainbows inside…so pretty!!!

What was your first experience with crystal sex?

The first Chakrub I used was the Rabbit Jade. It’s white, and I’ve always seen it as a “virginity stone”. I was nervous, this was something that started as an idea, and now I was going to try it in real life. It felt. Damn. Good. On so many levels. I can’t explain. My only wish is that I had thought of this when I was first learning about sexuality as a young woman. To be able to keep this talisman forever as the first thing to ever enter me. But that is kind of what it was; I was taking my own virginity once again, reclaiming my body, communing with the earth and the source of creation with my creation. It was sweet, potent, magical. It was meaningful to me and thinking about it drives me to create more channels for people to be open to this type of sexual discovery, so, as a side note, thank you again, for this interview.

Tell us about the “removing shame” experiment you talk about in the Chakrubs bio.

As part of my own healing process when it came to Chakrubs, I focused on releasing shame I felt with my sexuality. Because of the nature of Chakrubs and our brand ethos, they symbolize taking ownership of this intimate aspect of who we are. Chakrubs are meant to be treated as sacred tools in which to unlock our sensual potential. Through creating rituals of pleasure with Chakrubs, it changed the way I felt about my desires, taking pride in it rather than shaming it.

Can you tell us about sex magic energy? Do you feel like it’s a ritual best practiced alone or with a partner?

Sex Magic is when you channel sexual energy to create a desired outcome through focused intention and heightened states of energetic vibration. I think there are benefits to performing sex magic rituals with a partner as well as alone. If you’re wanting to perform sex magic but don’t necessarily have a partner who is interested in this kind of work, Chakrubs come in handy as an added energy amplifier to the practice. Sex magic with a partner can be quite powerful as long as communication and consent is the cornerstone of the ritual.

Are Chakrubs a sexual magic “battery”? Do you feel that they store and release sexual magic energy and, if so, how?

Crystals are amplifiers of energy as well as storers of energy – like little earth computers. When you build up your sexual energy with a Chakrub, you are infusing the crystal with that orgasmic energy. The more you infuse it with that energy, the more powerful and bonded you will feel to yourself and the crystal.

What do you hope Chakrubs users experience (orgasms and more!)

I hope Chakrub users experience a deep connection to themselves through pleasure and the support of the crystal. I want them to feel empowered to feel, to desire, to create magic within themselves that looks like themselves.

Do you have a personal sex magic ritual and/or a reading list you would share with our readers?

A simple ceremony I do is creating an intention and then stating that intention at height of sexual pleasure with the Chakrub. As for reading, I think anyone on the path of love should read “The Art of Loving” by Eric Fromm. I’m also currently writing a book right now which will include lots of rituals for this kind of work. I’ll let you know when it comes out!

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