An Indian Jade Ritual for Releasing Blockages & Setting Intention An Indian Jade Ritual for Releasing Blockages & Setting Intention

An Indian Jade Ritual for Releasing Blockages & Setting Intention

With your Indian Jade Chakrub—also known as green aventurine (yes, it is as delightful as it sounds!)—you have a radiant and kind talisman of opportunity.

In fact, this little green beauty is known as the “stone of opportunity,” which helps to release old and negative patterns, electrifying your body and space with a shimmer of new light, fresh energy, and optimism. Stuck in a rut? In a void of apathy? Lacking creativity and motivation? Hoping to conjure confidence? Want to release dark vibes and welcome in the new?

Green aventurine offers the magical boost you need to not only get unstuck, but do so with self-compassion. Start slow, it says. Grow—bit by bit, day by day. I’m here for you. In fact, it is the stone of the Heart Chakra.It burrows into your skin, between your ribs, and into the space where your heart beats and sings—and it releases anything that is preventing you from moving, feeling, or blooming.

With its dreamy, cool earth green hue, you will be literally grounded while holding it in your hands. And because of its positivity, this stone is perfect for beginners who want something that is helpful, pragmatic and even-keeled. You won’t find yourself falling into a shadowy well here—unlike with obsidian, which invites you to gaze into the dark. You’ll be held. Supported. Nourished.

In this ritual, you’ll be focusing on something that you need to let go. What is causing you disharmony? What cognitive dissonance are you experiencing? What is preventing you from being creative?

For this ritual, you’ll need:

  • Your Indian Jade Chakrub
  • A few candles
  • The poem included beow
  • Flowers, petals (optional)
  • A journal
  • Ideally, this ritual should be done in the early morning (utilizing the light, peace, and fresh energy of the day). Choose a day where you can be alone, in the morning hours (perhaps a weekend morning?). The goal is to be awake, and feeling fresh of mind.
  • Begin by setting up your space, which should be your bed or a couch or somewhere that feels *comfortable* for your body: Fill it with candles (as many as you’d like to light). You should also open the windows and let as much light in as you have available to you. Arrange the candles so that surround your body. You may put one at each direction around you, if you’d like.
  • Arrange the petals and flowers around your body, or on your bed. If you’re allergic, skip this step! If not, the flowers and petals are used to ground you to the earth—to integrate the earth’s healing energy into your practice. By “earthing”—putting the earth to your skin—you reduce your heart rate, inflammation and pain levels, and restore balance to your mental wellbeing.
  • Feel the petals against your skin. Watch the flames dance. Listen to the silence. Do you feel cool? Warm? Be aware of your surroundings, and tap into your aliveness.
  • Hold your Chakrub to your chest and imagine your heart opening, pouring forth with glittering light. The light swirls outward, enveloping you, soaking your body in cool, soft warmth. Maybe the light is a shimmering jade tone, earthy and soft and clean. Maybe it’s brighter or flame-like?
  • Move the Chakrub down your body—over your torso, down your legs, up your arms. Imagine the stone’s energy seeping into your bones and blood and tissue; imagine it pooling through your whole entity—mixing with your energy fields, your spirit. See it literally lifting the barriers you hold within you, giving them the love and compassion and kindness they need to depart—leaving you free, open, malleable, adaptable. If it helps, imagine what those obstacles and barriers might look like. Perhaps they’re murky, or rigid?
  • Speak this poetic ritual aloud. You may replace/swap words if something feels off for you:

As earth, I move the unmovable.

As flora, I am guided toward the sky by light.

As a petal, I fall open and soft.

As ivy, I am of growth.

As body, I am an eternal song,

free of the obscure, which quiets the bloom.

Release the choir of silence.

Release the lack.

Drink in the open breezy field of dreams.

Haunted no more by doorways and labyrinths that drift off or enclose,

my body, my flora, my earth, my wholeness is an open space.

Where the body meets eternity and the limitless lasting glow of potential is

I am found luminous.

  • Next, let your body swim in the sensation of openness. Let the Chakrub remove all feelings of resistance. Imagine your blocks—creative, romantic, or otherwise—lifting and dissolving. Imagine those spaces of blockage being replaced by green shimmering light, leaving you with a fresh, brand new, brightness.
  • Once you feel comfortable and connected to the moment, take out your journal and write a list of what you are releasing or letting go of. Take as much time as you need.
  • Next, write a list of what you want to receive or call forth on a separate piece of paper. How do you want to feel? What is aliveness to you?
  • End the ritual by imagining your limbs waking up, one by one, filled of a new light and energy. See your body as fresh and renewed, electric and revived. Spend time with your Chakrub and feel its kindness.
  • Keep the paper upon which you have written what you are receptive to beneath your pillow, with the Chakrub. Get rid of the other. Burn it, bury it, or throw it away.

Feature Image by Ashlee Taylor

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