Chakrubs x Zoë Ligon - Introducing The Zoë Chakrub Chakrubs x Zoë Ligon - Introducing The Zoë Chakrub

Chakrubs x Zoë Ligon - Introducing The Zoë Chakrub

Chakrubs is excited to announce a very special collaboration with Zoë Ligon of Spectrum Boutique. Zoë has been a pioneer in the sex toy industry providing an inclusive and transparent online shop that encourages healthy sexual exploration for people of all identities.

Designed by Zoë and made possible by Chakrubs, the Zoë Chakrub is made of 100% pure clear quartz and it is a fluid, unique new Chakrubs shape that is extremely versatile.

Shop the Zoë Chakrub here.

I never considered myself a person who was into crystals. Nothing against them, I just wasn’t able to personally connect. Since I began stocking Chakrubs at Spectrum Boutique, I’ve heard nothing but glowing, joyfully tearful reviews about customers’ experiences with their crystals. When Vanessa approached me about designing my own shape, I couldn’t have been more excited – and I immediately envisioned this silhouette. When I fully had a chance to try my creation, I suddenly got it.

The weight of this crystal is utterly delicious in a way that no stainless steel, glass or weighted silicone toy can replicate. As someone who has played with countless insertable objects, this one was something entirely different – and an inherently moving and emotional experience for me. I gave it an actual kiss when I was finished with it.

I hope you enjoy this Chakrub as much as I do. Seriously, it is my mind baby – it came to me like a vision, I sketched it out, and fell in love. It’s firm, girthy, and angled in a way that goes right for those sweet spots. This is a dildo worthy of you.



1. Zoë Comes from the Greek word meaning “life.”

2. This Chakrub will help you cum to life.

Photography by Rachel Cuccia

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