But do they vibrate? But do they vibrate?

But do they vibrate?

The Vibration Question

Sometimes I’m asked, “But do they vibrate?” The question comes from a place of confusion. It’s as if to say, “how can these possibly produce pleasure…it’s a rock.” I get it, Chakrubs aren’t technologically advanced, they have no motor or suction. But, they do actually vibrate - it’s just on a subtle, energetic level.

Facing the Skepticism

For people that may not be “into” crystal healing, using a stone for pleasure can seem archaic. I recently had a video on our Instagram go viral - I was called a charlatan amongst other nasty terms. The thing is, and I hope this comes across - I’m not trying to “sell” anyone on the concept of crystal healing. If someone isn’t into it, I let that be.

Beauty Beyond Belief

If someone isn’t vibing with the idea of crystal energy - but they are intrigued by the natural beauty and sustainability of Chakrubs - I do tell them about how Chakrubs are simply a great sex toy. I mean it feels good. Whether or not you incorporate ritual practices, the smoothness of the stone, the weight, the shape, the fact that it warms up to your body heat, the hardness, makes it a tool for pleasure first and foremost.

Voices of Pleasure

We actually have dozens of feedback and testimonials from customers reporting their first ever internal orgasms - cervical, g-spot…people who use chakrubs for clitorial stimulation (including my first creative director who wrote an entire article about it), and plenty of reports of experiencing female ejaculation for the first time.

Support, Sensitivity and Sustainability

Chakrubs can feel good simply because they are beautiful. You may feel good about chakrubs because you know you’re supporting a woman-owned business as well as the original. And no one says that if you use a Chakrub you can’t also use a vibrator. Our brand is like, BFFs with DAME, at the end of the day, it’s about finding what feels good for you.

Bridging the Gap

But I developed Chakrubs because I felt like something was missing. I had a deep gnawing in myself that wanted to align with something beyond the physical relief of orgasm when I experienced sexual pleasure. I wanted to experience what I knew within myself on some level after years of feeling disillusioned by sex, disappointed in love, and disconnected from myself. I wanted to feel deeply, I wanted to experience fully, and I wanted a tool to help.

The Crystal Connection

Some people can feel crystal energy. Different crystals emanate different things. Rose Quartz, for example, feels like the energetic signature of love, without needing any catalyst outside of itself to inspire it. It’s constantly giving off loving vibes. When people are open to crystal energy and you share space with it, your energy becomes more like that of the crystal. The frequency of love is already in you, rose quartz can just help you tune in to that frequency.

Insights from the Heart

Do you know how profound it felt for me to make the realization that I wanted to feel “in love” when I was…making love? It seems obvious, but that is what practicing (what I call using Chakrubs) with the Heart - Chakrub taught me.

A Pleasure With Purpose

See, it’s because Chakrubs are made from crystal (or are infused with floral energy), that they offer something traditional sex toys don’t. They offer inspiration for introspection. They offer emotional support. They offer an element of magic. Of mindfulness. It offers pleasure with a purpose. Whatever your intention is - to become sensitive to little glimmers of sensation, to keep your heart open after heartbreak, to develop self-love, to slow down. Because of what Chakrubs stands for and the mysticism of crystals, you prepare channels within yourself to open up. It did, at least, for me, and for our many beloved customers over our (10+!) years in business.

A Shift in Arousal

Your arousal comes as a message to spend time with yourself. To get in touch. Traditional toys at times come with the idea to “get the job done” quickly, so you can go back to your day unbothered by your libido. But with Chakrubs, you’re meant to sink into your feelings. To prioritize stillness. To observe yourself having fantasies. To become grateful for having the ability to feel pleasure in your body. To remind yourself that you are a soul experiencing life through your senses.

The Profound within the Simple

It’s kind of hard to explain. I don’t want to inflate it, though, either. I’m not promising anyone profound spiritual experiences just because they use Chakrubs over an Hatachi wand. I believe that we can have profound spiritual experiences at any moment. It comes from you - not any “thing.”

Not a Guru, But a Guide

I remind people that I am not a sex therapist, love coach, tantra teacher, or whatever. I more relate to titles like philosopher or conceptual artist. The symbolism beyond chakrubs is what really gets me off (pun intended). That’s why I will always lean on the idea that I’m just here to guide, not instruct, the ways in which you may find yourself.

In the End, It's Your Journey

As we move forward in this ever-evolving conversation about sexuality, pleasure, and self-love, remember that it's your journey to define. Whether you choose a Chakrub, a vibrator, or both, what truly matters is finding the tools that resonate with you and enable you to connect more deeply with your own body and pleasure. May you continue to explore, discover, and cherish the beautiful, sensual being that you are.

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