A Guide to Squirting with Chakrubs A Guide to Squirting with Chakrubs

A Guide to Squirting with Chakrubs

Note: We refer to squirting as vaginal ejaculation, which is also known as female ejaculation, throughout this article in order to avoid gendering sexual acts. As the text below describes in more detail, vaginal ejaculation is excreted through the urethral opening and not the vaginal opening.

If you browse on over to the Testimonials Page of our website, you’ll notice many new Chakrubs owners gushing (pun intended) over their new ability to ejaculate or squirt. Crystals have the ability to magnify energy, so it makes sense that they would open us up to new, profoundly intense sexual experiences. While there’s no evidence that squirting provides a better or more intense orgasm, there can be a certain satisfaction in seeing proof of your hard work.

One of the biggest misconceptions about squirting is that it’s urine. Vaginal ejaculation (sometimes called female ejaculation) is excreted through the urethra, but unlike urine, it originates from the Skene’s glands, which are located on the anterior vaginal wall in the same area that’s commonly identified as the g-spot. It’s no coincidence that the Skene’s Glands are often referred to as the “female prostate;” the fluid excreted from these glands is similar in composition to the fluid generated in male reproductive systems. Either way, if urinating during orgasm is a concern, use the restroom beforehand to give yourself peace of mind.

If you have any trepidation or nervousness around vaginal ejaculation, it might be best to first try practicing alone. If you’re practicing with a partner, they should be patient and ready to devote a significant amount of attention to your pleasure. Spend some time meditating on your goals, hopes, and fears for the session. Discuss them with your partner if you have one.

Now, the fun begins! Whether solo or partnered, if vaginal ejaculation is your goal, there should be plenty of foreplay. Make sure you’re well lubricated before you insert your Chakrub to ensure that there is no discomfort. If necessary, we recommend using coconut oil as a lube, although it should be noted that oil-based lubricants are not compatible with latex condoms.

If you’ve never squirted before and are unfamiliar with the sensation it could take a while to reach that point. Try to enjoy the journey of turning yourself on, first with subtle caresses to bring awareness into your body and then becoming curious about how you can build on those sensations. As arousal builds, gradually turn your focus to your genitals. Give attention to your buttocks and inner thighs and patiently work your way inward, beginning to stroke and touch your vulva. Explore the inner and outer labias, clitoral hood, clitoris, and vagina, lingering where it feels good.

Experiment with what works best for your unique body. It should be noted that the existence of the g-spot has never been proven. While some people can easily find this ultra-sensitive spongey spot by inserting two fingers and making a “Come hither” motion, for others, this cluster of nerve endings is found elsewhere along the vaginal canal, in several places, or not at all. It’s important to acknowledge that not everyone with a vagina enjoys penetration and that squirting can be achieved through clitoral or alternative sexual stimulation.

Notice how different areas of the vulva and vaginal canal swell as arousal builds. Give your attention or instruct your partner to give attention to the places that feel most sensitive and are becoming enlarged. Swelling indicates that the Skene’s Glands are filling the frontal wall of the vagina with liquid.

Don’t get discouraged if all of this activity causes you to have an unexpected, non-squirting orgasm. Orgasms can help you relax and if you have the energy to continue, they can increase your chances of squirting later on. You can also use this as an opportunity to practice edging, where you allow yourself to come close to climax and then back off, which can often lead to a more powerful orgasm later on. Focus on your breathing and remain relaxed in your groin area as a way of prolonging your orgasm.

At this point you or your partner’s hand may need a break, so it’s the perfect time to introduce your Chakrub. The curvature of The Heart Curve is particularly suited to internal stimulation. It’s also handy because its larger base makes it easy to grip while you keep your palm pressed against the clitoris. Keep a steady pace and rhythm as you or your partner guide the wand in and out.

Many describe the sensation of a squirting orgasm as similar to having to urinate. Self-consciousness often makes us hold back, but if you’re alone or with a reassuring partner, you can feel confident that this is your body’s way of signaling that it is approaching an intense orgasm. As with so many things in life, you will have to let go of control in order to experience it fully. Remember to breathe and try not to tense up, instead letting the waves of pleasure wash over you.

Try not to be disappointed or engage in self-judgement if you’re unable to squirt. If trying to achieve this type of orgasm becomes stressful or otherwise unpleasant, return to self-pleasure practices that work for you.

Feature image by Cecilia Di Paolo

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