Vaginal Mapping with Chakrubs Vaginal Mapping with Chakrubs

Vaginal Mapping with Chakrubs

Vaginal mapping is a practice that uses gentle acupressure massage to facilitate exploration of the interior of the pelvic bowl. The pelvic bowl refers to the pelvic bones which form a bowl shape and hold our reproductive and sexual organs, urinary and lower digestive organs, vascular and lymphatic structures, as well as the nerves that provide sensation in the tissues of the clitoris, plus much more. Supporting this formidable structure is the pelvic floor, which supports the entire spine, sacroiliac joint, lower back, tailbone, and hip joints. Because this area of the body holds so much, it is beneficial to explore it on an intimate level.

Vaginal mapping is a tool for releasing tension and pain, helping us tune into sensations within the vagina, and building awareness of internal landscapes. It is a useful practice for those who lack sensitivity, want to release chronic tension, overcome shame, or release trapped emotions. Unresolved trauma is often held in the body and vaginal mapping can be a tool for recognizing and beginning to heal suppressed emotions.

It is important to note that vaginal mapping differs from masturbation. While pleasure is always possible, this exercise is focused on discovery and gaining awareness of your inner workings. Uncomfortable feelings might arise during this process, but know that you can always give yourself permission to slow down, pause, or stop and try again another day. Try to enter into this experience without expectations.

Refer to the labeled diagram below for specific anatomy with the pelvic bowl.

Using your Chakrub for vaginal mapping can provide an extra layer of support as the crystal lends unique qualities to aid in your experience. An external body massage with your Chakrub can be a beautiful way to relax your body and ease into this practice.

To begin, find a comfortable, private space where you will not be disturbed, your bed or a bathtub are both great options. A bath will allow for natural lubrication with water and might make your exploration a little easier or you can use coconut oil or a natural lubricant to warm up for this exercise. Be mindful – chakrubs are slippery when wet!

Tune into your breath and allow it to guide you through this exercise. If at any time you feel overwhelmed, return to a calming breath and check in whether it feels safe for you to continue.

Ask your body for permission before gently inserting the smaller, tapered end of your Chakrub into the vagina. Begin your internal massage by checking the balance of your pelvic floor, pressing the Chakrub gently against the front wall of your vagina (if you think of your internal landscape as a clock, this would be 12 ‘o’ clock) and consciously contracting and releasing your pelvic floor muscles. As you flex, try to focus on drawing the muscles inward and upward. You may apply more pressure with the Chakrub depending on how much tension you feel in this area. As you relax, try to tune into that sensation and notice if your muscles retain tension.

Next, move the wand to the posterior wall of the vagina towards your sacrum and coccyx bone (6 ‘o’ clock). Once again, apply gentle pressure as you contract and release your muscles. Increase pressure as you feel necessary.

Repeat this process on the right (3 ‘o’ clock) and left (9 ‘o’ clock) sides. Take note of your ability to contract and release and where it feels most accessible within your vagina. Try to do this without judgment, simply taking note of where you feel tension and where you feel ease.

After you have familiarized yourself with the general layout of your pelvic bowl, you might allow yourself to be a little more aimless in your explorations, taking note of the different textures and the feelings that come up when you apply pressure. Allow your intuition to guide you to the spots that feel most in need of internal massage.

Conclude this exercise once you feel you have given your entire pelvic bowl an even amount of time and attention. Afterwards, it might feel nice to allow yourself a few moments to lie in peace and process, perhaps with your Chakrub cradled against your chest. Give gratitude to yourself and your body for trying something new and vulnerable.

Check out this video of Chakrubs’ founder, Vanessa Cuccia, about her own experience with Vaginal Mapping:

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