Use Crystal Energy to Set an Intentional Vibe for 2019 Use Crystal Energy to Set an Intentional Vibe for 2019

Use Crystal Energy to Set an Intentional Vibe for 2019

The holidays are upon us and before we know it, we’ll have crossed the threshold into a new calendar year. The end of the year represents a time for gathering with loved ones and expressing gratitude for all we’ve accomplished. It’s when we set our sights towards the future and begin to envision what lies ahead.

Crystals can be powerful tools for helping us mold our realities. For centuries they’ve been used for everything from restoring health to promoting sexual vigor. As you set goals for the upcoming year, consider what energies might assist your cause and use this guide to find your perfect crystal companions for 2019:

Citrine – This crystal is the perfect companion for those committed to manifestation in the year ahead. Citrine radiates warmth, attracts abundance, and doesn’t need to be cleansed like other crystals. It will help you decipher your deepest desires and give you the willpower to bring them into reality.

White Jasper – If you’re looking to deepen spiritual practices and create a stronger connection to source, look no further than white jasper for assistance. This uplifting stone can be used to purify one’s thoughts and reduce self-doubt and worry.

Rose Quartz – This crystal is ideal for anyone who needs to heal their relationship to self or seeks to attract love in any form. Rose quartz can be used to build self-confidence and help one see themselves as worthy of finding love.

Green Aventurine – If you’re looking for a miracle, it doesn’t get much luckier than green aventurine. This is a stone of abundance and creativity; it encourages an optimistic outlook and helps one recognize their true potential.

Jasper – This stone will help you step into the new year with a balanced heart and mind. By connecting with the lower three chakras, jasper provides a sense of stability and spiritual groundedness while increasing vitality and stamina.

Black Obsidian – There’s a reason Chakrubs uses black obsidian in many of our Shadow Line products; it provides protection and a sense of security as we heal past wounds. Once used as an ancient mirror, obsidian can be used to reveal our true selves so that we might move past blockages and bad habits.

Selenite – If there’s any crystal that should be in every witch’s toolkit, selenite is probably it. This brilliant white stone is named after the moon and shares similar protective and cleansing qualities. Use it to dispel negative energy and raise your vibration.

Tourmaline – Ancient mystics relied on black tourmaline as a tool of psychic protection. It can be useful to healers who need to protect their energy or anyone who does ritual work. Pink tourmaline has a softer energy, providing comfort and allowing for the emotional body to be cleansed.

Chrysocolla – If you anticipate 2019 to be a transformative year, chrysocolla can help you stay present during dramatic shifts. It will empower you to use your voice for good and help you tap into divine feminine energy.

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