The Perfect Pleasure Product for Your Zodiac Sign The Perfect Pleasure Product for Your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Pleasure Product for Your Zodiac Sign

Wondering which Chakrub product is the right fit for you? One way to narrow down the selection is by turning your gaze to the stars, AKA your astrological sign. Astrology posits that because we are all made from stardust, we are individually and collectively influenced by the movements of the planets in our galaxy. Choosing pleasure products according to your zodiac sign can help you harness its power and allow it to be expressed through you.


Carnelian Yoni Egg

Aries kick off the astrological year (which differs from the Gregorian calendar) and embodies qualities of leadership, personal authority, ambition, and drive. Unhealthy expressions of Aries energy include selfishness, stubbornness, and impulsivity. The Carnelian Yoni Egg stimulates the lower three chakras to help one achieve balance and groundedness. It increases vitality while helping one establish boundaries so they don’t get burnt out.


The Heart Original

Taurus is ruled by Venus, which speaks to its love of beauty, romance, and sacred indulgence. Represented by the bull, Taurus can sometimes be overly stubborn or struggle with excess. The Original Heart is sculpted from rose quartz and can help one identify and release blockages in the heart. It’s a gentle stone that enhances self-confidence and increases our capacity to give and receive love.


The Rabbit Jade

Represented by the twins, Geminis are known for being quick-thinking contrarians. Mental stimulation is the way to their heart, but it can be difficult for them to turn their brain off and let their body take control in intimate situations. The Rabbit Jade is made from white jasper, which enhances relaxation and purifies the auric field. It is known as the supreme nurturing stone and can help one find balance in mind, body, and soul.


Rose Quartz Breast Massager

Each sign rules over a different body part and organ with Cancer’s domain being the chest, stomach, and breasts. This association reflects their natural nurturing and intuitive abilities, which can get blocked if this cardinal water sign doesn’t feel safe or secure. Regular use with the Rose Quartz Breast Massager can help one develop healthy boundaries and tune into messages from the heart. Intimate massage in this area not only reduces risk of breast cancer, but can also be incredibly arousing.


Jade Yoni Egg

Ruled by the sun, Leos are known for being bold, courageous, and heart-centered in their pursuits. The Jade Yoni Egg resonates with the heart chakra and can help build vaginal strength, resulting in more powerful and frequent orgasms. Jade promotes a sense of tranquility that will cool Leo’s sizzling temper and allow for harmony to take place. Wear it during solo or partnered play for added sensation.



If there’s one thing Virgos excel at it’s getting sh*t done, but recognizing when to rest can be challenging for this determined earth sign. Made from from maplewood and dyed with logwood and oak apple, The Fauna brings a lighthearted energy to intimate play and encourages an active imagination. Its shape and color is reminiscent of the shaft of wheat that is often depicted in drawings of Virgo’s maiden.



Ruled by Venus, Libras are all about aesthetics. This dreamy air sign recognizes how our environments influence us and so they take the time to consciously curate their surroundings. Made from maplewood and naturally dyed with eucalyptus, indigo, ranunculus, and rose, at first glance the Fata appears to be an interpretive art sculpture. Flirtatious Libras will love the taboo of displaying such an intimate object in the open and will have even more fun playing with this curvaceous double-sided toy.


The Viper

Dealing in sex, death, and magic, Scorpios are perhaps the most misunderstood of the zodiac signs. They carry an air of mystery and prefer shocking revelations to idle chit chat. Sculpted from obsidian, the Viper encourages one to honor their shadow impulses and release negative blocks. Complete with a ridged end resembling a scorpion’s tail, the Viper is ideal for sex magic and tantric rituals.


Obsidian Root

Adventurous fire sign Sagittarius has a reputation for being flighty and temperamental. The way to this sign’s heart is to keep them guessing so they never get bored. The Obsidian Root connects with the root chakra to help one tap into primal, sensual, and creative urges. Explorations with this plug can satiate Sagittarius’ hunger for new and exciting play, while helping them get grounded.


Rhodonite Yoni Egg

Capricorn is symbolized by the sea goat, which reflects their ability to successfully scale life’s most intimidating peaks. This talent extends to sexuality and when this cardinal earth sign makes pleasure a goal, they’re likely to meet it. One area where they tend to struggle is acknowledging their emotional needs. The Rhodonite Yoni Egg provides balance and helps integrate emotions, giving the heart a voice.


Xaga Curve

Aquarius is known for being independent with a global vision. The best way to catch this sign’s attention is by engaging their endless creativity and keeping things fresh in the bedroom. Carved from black obsidian, the Xaga Curve features a pleasurable curve and bulbous tip, allowing it to be enjoyed from all angles so the user never gets bored. Black obsidian also lends protection for those seeking out-of-body sexual experiences.


Amethyst Original

Ruled by Neptune, God of the sea, Pisces prefers to swim in the ever-shifting tides of dream and fantasy life. Theirs is the sign that concludes the astrological year and helps decode messages from the unconscious. This makes them a perfect match for our Original Amethyst Chakrub, which aligns with the crown chakra to bring down wisdom from the divine. Regular use with this Chakrub can enhance lucid dreams and astral travels.

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