The Hoodwitch x Chakrubs Event Recap The Hoodwitch x Chakrubs Event Recap

The Hoodwitch x Chakrubs Event Recap

The Hoodwitch x Chakrubs hosted a joint pop-up and private event at the historic and beautiful Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn from March 9th – 11th. Situated in the hotel’s library, their treasures were arranged alongside classic literature and floral arrangements by Fleuresce Plantscaping. An archway of flowers cascaded against exposed brick walls and comfy pillows invited guests to sit, mingle, and listen to the live sitar music that was playing. Chakrubs, yoni eggs, jade facial rollers and pipes mingled with Hoodwitch crystal balls, towers, clusters, sage bundles, pins and more to create a magical shopping experience for all who attended. Founders Bri Luna and Vanessa Cuccia made themselves available to speak to customers one-on-one and assist them in finding the perfect combination of items to take home.

The second half of each day was reserved as a private event hosted by Vanessa and Bri. With only fifteen guests for each of the three days, it was an intimate gathering where by the end, everyone had new friends. Bri and Vanessa began by speaking about their backgrounds and detailing the journeys of their unique brands. Once it was revealed that the women had been supporting each another since early on in their careers, the unofficial theme of the event became Women Empowering Women. They went around the room asking each guest to describe what had led them there. Everyone had something to offer. While it wasn’t technically a workshop, Bri and Vanessa took the time to answer each guest’s question in specific detail, from how crystals work to creating meaningful rituals.

The event concluded with a crystal singing bowl meditation guided by Vanessa. It was an experience that cannot be explained in words. By the end of each meditation, everyone in the room was moved to tears. The message for the meditations were channeled and different every day, shifting to reflect the energy of the multidimensional participants. One message, however, stuck with Vanessa. That message was “Hold Onto It, It’s Yours.” She has a few words on this, here:

“Hold on to it, it’s yours. The words that seemed to reverberate long after the meditation was done. It was the sentence that multiple people responded to following the meditation. I’ve spent some time thinking about why these words resonated. I remember being a young child, and many nights while drifting off to sleep I would hear music. This wasn’t ordinary music, this was music that was beyond my normal understanding of it. It was a grand orchestral sound, heavenly. But every time I realized I was experiencing something special, it would drift away, saying, “Hold on to it, it’s yours.” During meditation it is a reminder to hold onto the feelings that come up for you, they belong to you, they are right, and they are righteous.”

Bri and Vanessa want to thank everyone who attended this magical event. If you couldn’t make it to this one, they hope you can make it to the next – because there will absolutely be more!

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