The Chakrubs Gift Guide The Chakrubs Gift Guide

The Chakrubs Gift Guide

One of the ways we can demonstrate our values is by being conscientious about how and where we spend our money. This is especially true around the holidays, when gift giving becomes a central focus. As we brainstorm on the perfect prize to show our loved ones how much we care, we can also commit to supporting ethical brands that will act responsibly with our dollars. This might mean spending on sustainable products, supporting women- or minority-owned businesses, or companies that commit to donating a portion of profits to charity.

Consumers committed to spending on sustainable products need look no further than Chakrubs for a plethora of options. Not only is Chakrubs a small, woman-owned business, but our products are sourced sustainably and last a lifetime, thereby reducing waste. Every time you purchase a crystal gift from Chakrubs, you join our mission to bring more pleasure and positive energy into this world.

Whether you’re looking to splurge or for a small stocking stuffer, Chakrubs has plenty of holiday gift options for every budget:

Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure by Vanessa Cuccia

Ever wondered how crystal energy works or the different rituals one can do with a Chakrub? Chakrubs Founder and Creator Vanessa Cuccia’s debut book Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure is a wonderful guide for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge of crystal healing and learn how to harness pleasure for self-empowerment. It’s the perfect gift for experienced and novice healers alike and a great way to prioritize self-love in the new year.

Sacred Pleasure Package

Instead of presenting a gifted copy of Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure in wrapping paper, purchase the Sacred Pleasure Package and use our reusable Chakrub tote featuring art from designer Natalie Krim. This package also comes with an exclusive print of Natalie Krim’s Chakrub art that can be framed and hung above your pleasure altar.

Mini Chakra Stone Set

Our mini chakra stone set is the perfect companion for Crystal Healing & Sacred Pleasure, especially for those who are beginning to build their crystal collections. This set contains seven stones carefully selected to resonate with each chakra and makes a great stocking stuffer. These miniature crystals can be used in ritual, placed upon an altar, or even carried around in one’s purse or pocket for daily support.

Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs are great gifts for anyone who is looking to build strength and heighten awareness in the pelvic region. They can be a supportive tool for recent mothers, helping them reclaim their bodies after birth and improve urinary incontinence. If one of your resolutions is to increase pleasure, yoni eggs can help you tune into your sensual wants and needs. Try the Jade Yoni Egg to connect with the ancient origins of this practice. The Carnelian Yoni Egg can be helpful for boosting motivation and drive, the perfect ally for accomplishing goals in the new year.


Whether you are buying for yourself or a loved one, the purchase of a Chakrub marks the beginning of a new relationship to self-love and pleasure. It can be a powerful way to end one year and transition into the next. Choose from a variety of crystals based on the energy you’d like to invite into your life. If purchasing for someone else, try to pick up hints by asking what they’re looking forward to in the new year and how they’d like to feel. If they’re seeking peace of mind and a stronger spiritual connection, the Rabbit Slim or Rabbit Curve is an ideal choice. If they are anticipating abundance or luck, Indian Jade might be a good fit.

The Shadow Line

If you’re looking to spice things up and get out of your comfort zone, the Shadow Line offers an assortment of toys to explore hidden desires. The entire line is made from obsidian and/or white jasper to help us honor taboo impulses. The Viper acts as both a dildo and a butt plug, with pleasurable ridges that resemble a rattle. The Obsidian Root is a sleek butt plug that can be used for releasing blockages in the base chakra. Purchase one of these items for a romantic partner and you’ll both be pleased with the results.

Miscellaneous Crystal Gifts

Crystals are great gifts for friends who may be seeking specific energy in their lives. Our Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their beauty routine while simultaneously amping up self-care. The Rose Quartz Breast Massager helps relax the heart space while also encouraging blood flow and healing energy to that area. Our Small Selenite Wands are ideal stocking stuffers, perfect for anyone who needs to cleanse their space.

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