Sexual Healing - Vanessa Cuccia Featured in Office Magazine

Recently, our founder Vanessa Cuccia was interviewed by Office Magazine.

See the full article here.


Humanity hasn’t always been the most sex positive. From the invasive authority of religion to the man-made construct of virginity, the patriarchy and its forced societal structures have inhibited women from the education, experience and ultimate empowerment that comes with guilt-free, unapologetic sex.

But Detroit-based Vanessa Cuccia is ready to change that.

With Chakrubs, her extensive line of crystal sex toys, Cuccia is looking to flip the script and give the power back to women and femmes, mixing spirituality with sexuality to “bring a sense of sacredness to your playtime.” Available in different shapes, sizes, colors and energies, all customized to provide different healing powers that help the user to engage with themselves in a spiritual and healthy way, encourage emotional intelligence, inspire self-acceptance and of course, have fun, Chakrubs goes way deeper than your average dildo—literally.

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