Sateen Music for Chakrubs by Eva Zar Sateen Music for Chakrubs by Eva Zar

Sateen Music for Chakrubs by Eva Zar

“One day you’ll know my name,” warns Miss Queen Sateen on “Finer Things,” off her new self-titled EP with wife and bandmate Exquisite. The glamorous pair calls itself Sateen, and is newly dedicated to music after being swept up in NYC nightlife for the past few years. While this scene helped catapult them to LGBTQ stardom, the two never thought of themselves as mere “club kids,” but serious full-time musicians, delivering an ultra-queer ’70s disco sound and message of unapologetic self-love and self-realization.

Queen Sateen and Exquisite first became famous in underground New York as a sensationalized “hetero drag couple,” which ultimately overshadowed the Brooklyn band’s music and, in the end, wasn’t an honest description of their identities. When Exquisite came out as transgender, it not only shifted the trajectory of their music, but their relationship and deeper understanding of self. Now, the proud lesbians feel closer to their truths, and create songs with the responsibility of liberating their fans.”

– via OUT Magazine

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Sateen for Chakrubs

Shot by Eva Zar

Styled by Heather Dunphy

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