Pleasurable Risks for Expansive Rewards Pleasurable Risks for Expansive Rewards

Pleasurable Risks for Expansive Rewards

Pleasure is a risky behavior. In order to discover pleasure, we must open ourselves to something new, something which is just as likely bring pain or an unpleasant sensation. Every time we manifest a new fantasy, we’re accepting the possibility that it might fall short of what we imagined. At the same time, it also has the potential to exceed our wildest expectations.

When we give ourselves permission to mindfully pursue our desires and allow ourselves to be sensitive to the expansiveness of pleasure, it fortifies the belief that we deserve to feel fulfilled in all areas of life. This pleasure provides information that helps guide us towards what we truly want.

This ritual encourages you to treat your body like a literal temple, exploring the bounds of sensory experiences to see how they impact your mental, emotional, and spiritual realms. Do it anytime you need to be reminded that the depths of your pleasure have no end.

Time Commitment: 20-30 minutes

Items needed:
Carnelian or another activating crystal of your choice
Flower or flower petal
Square of chocolate or another grounding snack such as a nut or dried fruit

Begin by finding a comfortable seat with your items within arm’s reach. Take three deep and full belly breaths to get grounded into the space.

This ritual is about getting in touch with your fantasies and watching them play out in your life. Begin to drop into a space where your view of pleasure is expanded. What does pleasure feel like in the most subtle of ways? And how do you experience pleasure in your body?

Can you start to see your body as a site? The main way in which we engage with this site, is through sensory experiences.

Allow yourself to appreciate your senses – sight, smell, touch, sound, and scent – as vehicles for experiencing pleasure. After all, the word ‘sensual’ refers to the senses.

Start to slow down and tune into your senses. With your eyes closed, bite into the square of chocolate. Let it melt in your mouth as you savor its taste and texture.

Notice how it affects your body and your psyche. Do you feel happier? Are you experiencing pleasure?

Maybe you don’t like the chocolate, so this is your body saying “No, stop.” Remember, pleasure is a risk. Do not judge yourself if the experience is unpleasant, simply take note of how you are responding.

Next, reach for your flower petal and feel its texture as you hold it between your fingers. See if you can perceive the flower’s own inherent sensuality. Can you feel the flower feeling you?

With your eyes closed, smell the floral aroma. Is this pleasurable for you?

Slow down – and start to rub the petal on your body. What is your desire telling you?

Does it want you to slow down? Does it want you to indulge in this feeling? Does it want you to take another bite of chocolate?

Next, reach for the carnelian piece. Notice how rough, natural, and organic it feels. Notice if anything in your energetic field starts to shift, perhaps you can feel your body getting warmer or your heart rate rising.

Place the carnelian crystal on your sacral chakra, about two inches below the belly button.

This is your sex chakra, your pleasure center, your creative power, and your sensual prowess.

Take a deep breath into your pelvic space, and give your body permission to experience pleasure, no matter how subtle it may be.

Crystals help us access our imagination and carnelian specifically activates your lower chakras. Let the energy from this crystal stimulate your sensual imagination.

And perhaps if it feels right you can touch the crystal, imbue an intention into it, and allow it to act as a conduit for manifesting your desires.

Even if you don’t feel sensitive to the energy of the crystal, let this carnelian become a symbol of what you want.

Imagine what it would feel like to have what you want. Feel that now.

Sexual energy is potent – combining this with the power of crystals makes the intention all the more powerful.

But in order to do this you must be able to imagine and fantasize about what you want.

Your crown chakra helps you access this fantasy world.

Imagine a line of light extending from your sacral chakra up through your crown at the top of your head. Allow the pathways between these two to open up, perhaps they are filling with light, perhaps you visualize this pathway as a tunnel that is constantly expanding, running up and down your body.

Know that you have a connection to everything inside yourself, as well as outside yourself and that anything is possible. You can have whatever you want.

How do we get in touch with what we want?

Inviting in subtle pleasure can be a great way. It allows you to test the waters. Your body will either say yes, MORE or it will say STOP.

YES, is an invitation to invite more pleasure. Using subtle pleasure can help your body get used to feeling pleasure, letting your body know that it’s okay to feel this. Through this practice, your body will gradually start giving you more and more consent to invite more pleasure into your life.

You can make the choice right now, to receive more pleasure in your life. Start inviting it in slow ways.

Be indulgent whenever you can. Don’t force it, but let your body know you are taking care of its needs, wants, and desires. Let your body know that it is safe to feel these things.

And perhaps, sexuality becomes a creative outlet for this to flourish.

Journal prompts:

How can I gain more access to my fantasies?

How am I engaging with my desires?

Do I know what I want? Name it.

Do I feel worthy of getting what I want? How do my actions support this worthiness?

Where am I creating spaces for myself where I feel safe? Where am I allowed to feel pleasure?

If the feeling of desire could have a voice – what would it say? What would it look like? What color is it? What is its shape?

Feature Image from a Video by Cressa Maeve Beer and Julia Durr



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