Maria Soledad on Money, Sex, and Power Maria Soledad on Money, Sex, and Power

Maria Soledad on Money, Sex, and Power

Last month Chakrubs founder Vanessa Cuccia was joined by Maria Soledad in an hour-long IG live video on “Money, Sex, and Power.”

The two of them discuss:

  • The themes of The Devil card in the tarot and why they’re working with it during this conversation
  • How Taurus season and the Scorpio full moon relate to value, pleasure, and power
  • How owning every aspect of yourself = increasing your value = empowerment / personal power
  • Understanding that money is an invention and you can change how you relate to it
  • Money is only one manifestation of abundance, but abundance is our natural state of being
  • Importance of working with shadow in order to transform relationship to money
  • How to create intimacy with yourself and commit to inner desires
  • Honoring your no is how you attract abundance
  • How self-pleasure affirms our ability to provide for ourselves
  • The fulfillment we find when we give from a place of generosity rather than out of duty
  • Working with and understanding yourself so you can portray who you really are
  • True responsibility is taking care of yourself
  • Examine your belief systems in order to embrace your true desires
  • Ask yourself how you want to feel when you want to spend money and different ways to conjure that
  • Shift your thinking from “I’m spending…” to “I’m investing…”

And so much more! Watch the video and let us know what you think.

Maria Soledad is trained in Meta Genealogy, psychomagic, and evolutive tarot by Alejandro Jodorowsky and his son Cristobal. She uses Tarot and Alchemy Astrology to examine your family’s psychological heritage to integrate limiting patterns of behavior inherited from your ancestry and the ones you unconsciously created as a child. This methodology is used to recognize all the conditioning buried deep in your unconscious mind.

Feature image by Eva Zar 

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