Living & Loving with Chronic Illness

Did you miss our Instagram takeover by @sofhoney? She taught us a lot. Here are some highlights:

1. “While asexual chronically ill women exist, it is a myth that all chronically ill women are asexual. One does not become empty of sexuality/desire after being diagnosed with a chronic condition or illness.”2. “Being chronically ill sometimes can make self-love, relationships, & body positivity more difficult. However, none of these things are impossible for chronically ill people. It just takes time, patience, & love for yourself.”

3. “Bringing thoughts & objects with positive associations & vibes into your everyday & sexual life can make you feel more confident & satisfied as a chronically ill young woman struggling to navigate both her illness(es) & her sex life.”

You can watch below and read her article written on the subject to learn more!

Feature Image by Heather Reese

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