Introducing "The Practice: Stories of Sensual Healing" Podcast - Featuring N'nerjie Introducing "The Practice: Stories of Sensual Healing" Podcast - Featuring N'nerjie

Introducing "The Practice: Stories of Sensual Healing" Podcast - Featuring N'nerjie

Welcome to the first episode of our new podcast, "The Practice: Stories of Sensual Healing." In this podcast, we explore the inspiring stories of people who have embarked on their sensual healing journeys, and we're excited to share their powerful insights and experiences.

Our first guest is the amazing N'nerjie, who openly and vulnerably shares her experiences with healing from childhood sexual abuse. She speaks about her journey and how Chakrubs, healing crystals for sexual wellness, have played a significant role in her recovery and self-discovery.

N'nerjie talks about the connection between self-love and healing, emphasizing the importance of being intentional and creating a safe environment for exploration. She shares her personal growth and newfound sensitivity to energy, which has helped her find pleasure and satisfaction in her life.

One of the most powerful aspects of N'nerjie's story is how Chakrubs have allowed her to open up about her experiences in a gentle and beautiful way. She says, "Chakrubs allow me to open up about my story and my experiences in a way that's not so heavy, but gentle and beautiful." This approach has helped her take her power back and enjoy pleasure without guilt or shame.

N'nerjie also speaks about the importance of communication and finding communities that support and understand your healing journey. She believes that sharing her story and experiences can inspire others to believe in their healing potential.

As our conversation unfolds, it becomes evident that healing is an ongoing journey, much like a yoga practice. It's something you can always come back to and reconnect with, regardless of the time that has passed. This first episode serves as a beautiful reminder that healing is possible, and we are all deserving of pleasure and self-love.

Join us on "The Practice: Stories of Sensual Healing" podcast as we delve into the inspiring and empowering stories of people who have overcome challenges and embraced their sensual healing journey. Stay tuned for more episodes featuring incredible guests and transformative experiences.


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