Introducing: The Chakrubs Current Introducing: The Chakrubs Current

Introducing: The Chakrubs Current

The Chakrubs Current is a new column dedicated to giving thoughtful and nurturing perspectives on relevant current events. Our unique take on trending news will provide readers with straight-forward, bullet-pointed facts about the situation. It will offer insight on how to consciously consume news and present actionable ideas for how to be of service to greater society. When appropriate, it will weigh in with the cosmic climate and give perspective on how astrological events may be influencing the information cycle.

Chakrubs has always been more than a crystal company. The brand was created to help people discover themselves, with the hope that doing so would enable them to reclaim their power and live more authentic, fulfilling lives. As our company grows, we recognize that we have a responsibility to use our voice for collective liberation and to amplify the stories that are disregarded or misunderstood.

We often see ourselves in these stories. In the countless survivors who came forward in a chorus of #MeToo’s, decreeing that #TimesUp for the patriarchy. In the immigrant families who were forcefully separated with few answers as to how they would be reunited. In the innocent Black lives claimed by systemic police violence with little to no consequence. In Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who faced her assailant in a public Senate hearing, risking safety and well-being so that the truth would be on record.

In the past we’ve used our Instagram account to highlight these and similar stories and to provide resources for getting involved, but we wanted to do something more substantial.

Never-ending social media timelines and a 24-hour news cycle can make it difficult to disengage. We might even feel guilty or anxious for taking a break, like we’ll miss an important update or that it’s a privilege to step away from realities that impact so many people’s day-to-day lives. With this column we hope to emphasize the importance of creating boundaries with media consumption and help you establish healthy ones so that you can be more effective in your activism.

Everything we absorb leaves an energetic imprint and negative news is no different. It’s not uncommon to feel discouraged, disempowered, or drained after catching up on headlines for the day. The political system profits off of collective confusion and exhaustion, which is why we’re committed to sharing news in a transparent, no-nonsense format that puts the power back in your hands. With the Chakrubs Current, we’ll do more than simply relay information, we’ll also provide resources and support in the form of self-care advice and options for social advocacy.

The Chakrubs Current is a place for people to go when they wish to adopt a spiritually useful understanding of our very chaotic world of politics, social justice, cultural affairs, trending topics, and beyond.

The Chakrubs Current was created with our audience in mind, under the belief that supporting our community helps us all thrive. So tell us, how can this conscious news source gain your trust and what are some things you are hoping we’ll cover?

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