Infuse Crystal Energy Into Daily Life With Glacce Infuse Crystal Energy Into Daily Life With Glacce

Infuse Crystal Energy Into Daily Life With Glacce

Glacce was conceived in 2012 and officially became a company in 2015 when I partnered with my best childhood friend, Julia. I had an extremely vivid dream for a product, the Glacce Bottle. Our mission in starting Glacce was to share crystal magic with as many people as possible. All of our products are designed to showcase the beauty of the crystal and provide a way to practically bring crystal energy into your everyday life. Below is a quick guide on the range of Glacce products and our go-to crystals.

Each crystal is unique and I encourage you to explore your own personal relationship with each of the energies outlined below. The Glacce Bottles and Glacce Straws make it easy to practice with crystals every day and provide you with a fun way to stay hydrated. The Glacce Spheres are incredible for self-administered massage or to play around with a partner. There are a number of ways to use the Spheres but the way they were intended is predominantly for stomach/abdominal massage, releasing trauma from the body, and deepening your manifestation practice by helping to amplify the sensation of receiving (especially the feelings of Love & Gratitude).


How Crystals Work

As you probably know by now, we all have an aura, or an energetic field which surrounds us at all times. It is crucial to recognize this truth because although it is invisible to the untrained human eye, it is what magnetizes to us everything we experience. There are plenty of ways to harmonize our energetic fields and we have dedicated our lives to exploring how crystals can help us do just that.

Each crystal energetically holds and represents a positive frequency we can channel at any time.


The Qualities Of Each Crystal

Think of a Clear Quartz crystal. This crystal embodies a state of Clarity and Focus. It is naturally designed to enhance our ability to be crystal clear about our vision of reality. It gifts us with the reminder that anything is possible with a dedication to utilizing our own inner power.

Clear Quartz, like the moon, shines a light on the next step needed to be taken to continue with strength along your destiny’s path. When using this stone throughout your day, remember why you are doing what you are doing. Recall the dreams of your heart and follow whatever lights you up. Sometimes things may not seem logical, but there is a larger plan in place we cannot always see. Clear Quartz energy helps us remember this. Growing along your personal path may not always be easy but anytime you can find that quiet moment of presence, tapping into that internal higher intelligence, is a gift of guidance. You are stronger than you think. Push through the uncomfortable moments because on the other side, you will find yourself more expansive, and more proud of yourself, than ever.

Tapping into Rose Quartz’s energy is never a bad idea. It symbolizes and holds the highest frequency of love. My personal daily practice always includes Rose Quartz in some way because I feel most drawn to it. I trust myself when I am pulled so strongly to something and it has done wonders especially in the realms of manifesting. We often forget the most sure-fire way to magnetize to us our desires is deeply experiencing the feeling of the thing before it comes. I use this term lightly because in a sense, we already have 'the thing' as time is not linear... Curling my body around my Rose Quartz Sphere is my go to manifestation practice. I hold onto it from the center of my body and focus all of my energy on the feeling of love, gratitude, success (which, to me, feels like floating), and other feelings that I want to channel. In doing this, I am preparing my body to receive. I am tuning into the same wavelengths which align with my manifestations. Each time I do this, the feelings get stronger and my manifestations get closer. I can always tell because later in the day or the next day, something seemingly out-of-the-blue or miraculous will occur. It always feels like a step toward something greater. This is the best way I can explain it.

Amethyst, which has such a potent energy, we refer to as the Intuition Strengthener. Sometimes in life, important decisions need to be made and while Clear Quartz can help with clearing the mind, Amethyst swoops in to fill the void of uncertainty reminding us to trust ourselves. Often, we can get bogged down by the overwhelming amount of information being fed to us daily. Because of this, it can be easy to forget we already have all the answers within us. We really do. Each one of us plays a critical role in this mysterious world with our own unique purposes and gifts. We are also like crystals ourselves with the ability to tap into certain frequencies such as the frequency of claircognizance (deep knowing) where guidance is simply pouring into you. Using Amethyst in your daily practice can amplify the gifts you already possess by reminding you of your great power our culture has sadly tried to mute. Remember who you are and the power you possess. It is more simple than it sounds especially when practicing presence with the help of your crystals.

For the ambitious dreamers, it is important to bring what you discover in your imagination and bring it back down to Earth. Smoky Quartz can help you with this needed sense of grounding. Sometimes we get channeled these beautiful visions of what is possible but feel daunted by what it may take to bring it to fruition. The important thing to realize is the vision must be held. With patience, unwavering faith, and taking necessary steps, what you seek will find you. The answers will come, the inspiration will come, the right people will come. All of these physical tools can help you along your journey but it is up to you to decide to take care of your needs on your way to achievement. Drink plenty of water. Relax into the moment. Take action when necessary. Be kind to yourself and others. Have faith in yourself and any guiding lights. Most importantly, never give up. Smoky Quartz is the epitome of long-game energy. You’ve got this.

The most potent of the crystals we use is Black Obsidian. This is for those ready to do the real & deep work. This stone activates an energy within you that is fearless. You know that anything is possible and that in order to reach your highest potential, you must go through things. You must face things. You are not afraid of success because you are not afraid of being uncomfortable. If you are looking for expansion, you must be ready to truly know yourself. That does not just mean the “good” parts. You need to understand who you are through and through, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Because what you will come to find out is that it is all beautiful. Every last part of you. Every last part of every human. Your dreams are worth fighting for. And so is the world. The world is ready to receive what you have to offer. The question is, are you ready to receive what the Quantum Field has to offer?


The Power of Crystal Energy

Over time, we have realized, not only that crystal energy is more powerful than we thought, but that Glacce has an even bigger purpose: to empower people to be present. Everything we create, every word we share with you, every experience we produce is meant to bring you deeper into the present moment. This is our wish for you to experience every single day for the rest of your life. Our hope is that our tools and the beauty of each crystal brings you to that powerful state of presence with your experience of life.

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