"Do Chakrubs Work!?" "Do Chakrubs Work!?"

"Do Chakrubs Work!?"

Every time I am asked this question, I smile. I so look forward to opening this conversation and offering my perspective. I have never been asked this question by a woman, but many men ask this question. Sometimes it has the vibe of, “are you replacing my penis?” to it, other times it’s legitimate wonder. Either way, the verbiage used tells me that there is an alternative way of thinking about orgasms, and how we perceive our impact on our partners.

Do Chakrubs work? No. Chakrubs do not work, they be. They allow. Chakrubs, being made of crystal, have perfect molecular structures and can have positive effects on our electromagnetic fields. They do this by simply being what they are. Chakrubs assist many people in various ways. They are tool that have a purpose, but they do not “work” to fulfill this purpose. Inviting Chakrubs into my lovemaking, I know it is up to me to center myself, quiet my mind and relax in order to feel the healing energy of the crystal. It is up to me to learn how I best like to touch it and be touched by it. And knowing that this crystal is here to allow me to feel pleasure, allow me to go through what I need to in order to accept ecstasy in my life, makes it all the easier.

The fact that so many men ask me, “Do Chakrubs Work?” leads me to believe that they think they have to “work” to bring their partner to orgasm. When I think about my past relationships with men and having trouble orgasming, I realize, they did feel like it was work to get me off. That may have been the issue and what lead me to create Chakrubs.

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