Awakening Kundalini Energy Awakening Kundalini Energy

Awakening Kundalini Energy

Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word “kundal” which means coil or spiral. The imagery used for kundalini energy is often that of a coiled serpent, which sleeps at the base of our spine and awakens through conscious awareness and intention. This dormant energy is that of the life force and connects us to all that is.

Whether a result of stress, trauma, or poor life habits, kundalini energy is often obstructed from traveling through the chakra system to help us achieve transformation and bliss. Sometimes blocked kundalini energy presents itself as a pain or pressure at the base of the spine. A tendency to act from a place of fear or live in the past or future are also signs that you are disconnected from source energy.

Awakening kundalini energy is not a task to take lightly, nor is it an overnight process. As you become aware of your connection to the universe, you will also be faced with your greatest fears and any lingering pain or trauma that remains in your body. It takes time to create a clear path for kundalini energy to flow and forcing the process can cause discomfort, illness, or mental and emotional imbalance. Working with kundalini energy requires that you respect and yield to nature. It can take months or even years of conscious practice to release this type of energy.

To begin to activate this energy, take a close look at your lifestyle. Make sure that you are living ethically in terms of what you put in your body, how you treat others, and your daily routines. This will help you avoid additional stress as you are working through the trauma that already exists within your body and psyche.

You might like to begin a kundalini yoga practice to encourage your progress. This practice will equip you with different chants and breathing techniques to help you settle the subtle energy body. Meditation will also be key. Find a meditation style that helps you connect mind and body to source. Many experts recommend transcendental meditation for removing blockages to kundalini energy.

Try to incorporate more surrender and grace into your everyday life. Instead of controlling or worrying about situations, be a present observer. It is normal to have mood swings, feel depressed, or anxious as you process this energy. Witness these emotions without attempting to fix or change anything. Acknowledging these blocks without judgment will allow you to eventually release them with love. If you find this process to be overwhelming, consider seeking a spiritual mentor or therapist.

Because kundalini energy lies at the base of the spine, we can begin to open this pathway by working with the root chakra. Balancing the root chakra can help us stay grounded as kundalini energy becomes active.

The Gaia Chakrub is ideal for opening up the root chakra and raising kundalini energy. Red jasper is known for its balancing properties, ability to provide clarity, and enhancing tantric sex. It is also a protection stone and could assist in shielding you from negative energies. You might want to create a ritual around releasing fears, old beliefs, or establishing a deeper connection to the Divine Feminine.

Cleanse your Gaia Chakrub and charge it under the moonlight for full potency. Before beginning your ritual, find a place where you feel safe and protected. You can light red or black candles as part of the ritual. Set on an intention and begin to get still. Bring awareness to your root chakra by squeezing and releasing your kegel muscles. Envision your root chakra as a four-petal lotus flower glowing bright red. Picture that flower’s roots traveling down from the base of your spine and rooting you to the earth. Imagine those roots continuing to grow deep into the earth.

When you’re ready, you can begin to involve your Gaia Chakrub. Caress your body with the crystal and imagine it awakening the dormant energy in your body. Open your heart to receive this energy with love and compassion. As you enter yourself with the Gaia stone, continue to flex your kegel muscles. Give as much attention to releasing your muscles as you do to clenching them. Allow yourself to fully experience the sensations around your root chakra and ask what lessons this block is meant to teach you.

As mentioned, activating kundalini energy is not always a pleasant process. When we try to force or rush nature, we can end up overwhelmed and in pain. Be patient with yourself. Respect that the universe has a plan greater than anything we could conceive. It is when we step back and surrender to this will that we can begin to co-create alongside it.

Feature Image by Manzel Bowman

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