Exploring Energetics, Self-Love, and Growth Through Music with Asiahn Exploring Energetics, Self-Love, and Growth Through Music with Asiahn

Exploring Energetics, Self-Love, and Growth Through Music with Asiahn

Contemporary R&B singer and songwriter Asiahn (ahh-zee-yahn) believes the energy that you put into your music as an artist transfers onto your listeners. Because of this, she sets the intention with all her music to always write from a place of healing and positive energy. With the drop of her latest EP, THE INTERLUDE, we knew we had to speak with her about the inner workings of her process and the insights of her latest healing journey behind the album. 

In this interview, she opens up on the stories and emotions behind her work, her journey through spirituality, and even her experience working with Chakrubs for deepening self-love and pleasure.



For people that aren’t familiar with you or your music yet, how would you describe your body of work thus far, and how has it evolved into your newest work?

My music is very vibey, gets you in all of your feelings. I would say my sound is a perfect blend of old school R&B, modern sounds, etherealism, and alternative hip hop. Through my music, I talk a lot about relationships (“Love Train” series). The ins and outs, grey areas we don’t like to discuss, but also how to be OK with letting people go when they’re no longer in alignment with your highest self. I would say the evolution from this series to “THE INTERLUDE” is recognizing that living life isn’t only about falling in and out of love, but also remembering who you are, setting boundaries, exploring your sexuality, and discovering new things about you just living. Soundwise, I experiment more with live instrumentation and open tracks that allow my voice to shine.


Your latest EP, THE INTERLUDE, came out on January 11th of this year. There’s no denying the undertones of self-love and growth that are woven into each song. Was this theme pre-determined before writing, or how did that occur?

It happened naturally. I just wanted to make a project about what I was doing and feeling when I was single and finding myself. Around that time, I was definitely working on my self-love and knew before I could enter into another “Love Train” installment, I needed to talk about that. When you get to the point where you’re finding yourself, nobody really sees that or talks about it.


Moving through a healing and self-love journey is something you’ve spoken openly about for some time now. How has your own healing journey influenced your music creation process?

I only make music about a situation once I’ve grown my way out of it. I never like to make music from negative spaces because it’s such an energy transfer to the listener. If I’m making a record about heartbreak, I want to also make something that talks about how I picked myself up out of it.


Has there been one transformative experience in your personal journey you can tell us about that has been a source of inspiration for multiple songs you’ve written?

It was probably the split from my ex-fiance. That was around the time my father was murdered and it was just a very low time for me where I found myself very depressed and trying to figure out who I was. I had unresolved feelings that I needed to see through in order to fully move on. Every record from Love Train 1 & 2 was my actual life and how I felt at that time.



“Never seen a wrong love last” “I’ve never been so scared in my world” | The lyrics in My World carry over that sense of inner peace and trust that often come with moving through a painful life event. What was your personal inner process for reestablishing that peace?

Literally remembering who I am and reminding myself of it every single day. Getting rid of the qualities I didn’t like in myself and putting in the ones I do. Holding myself accountable for my mistakes and forgiving myself. Also, I started to only do things that make me happy, stopped expecting things of others, and focused more on living in the present. Those things were all very instrumental in finding peace.


When did being intentional about healing and nurturing self-love become an important practice for you?

When I was finding myself. I promised myself that I would never depend on anyone else for my happiness. I experienced how easy it was to feel useless because I gave that power to someone other than myself. People change, feelings change and that’s ok, but it should never make me think less of me. It shouldn’t make me feel unhappy. Happiness can only come from healing and self-love.


Have you always considered yourself someone connected to your own definition of spirituality? Or has this grown within you as you’ve progressed through your music journey?

This has definitely grown with me. I was not always as centered and at peace within myself— so this came with healing.


Your IGTV series, Align with Asiahn, dives into topics like gratitude, setting intentions, and forgiveness. What was your original intention when you first started recording these for your followers?

Honestly, I get a lot of messages, letters, DM’s about how I stay so positive or how I overcame certain situations— so I figured I should talk about it. I’d always somehow end up getting deep in my regular IG lives so I wanted to create a specific series just for that. I thought focusing on certain topics to help with growth would be best overall. I in no way tell people how to live their lives, I just offer alternate perspectives and thought processes.


Do you see a connection between the messages you’re excited to deliver to your audience via Align with Asiahn and with your music?

Ironically, they always go hand in hand and not on purpose. I guess that’s alignment in itself.


How do you want people to feel and receive you when they interact with you and your work?

I want people to feel great, positive energy from me. Authentic vibes, I’m very warm and inviting. I like to laugh and have fun, so I want people to feel those things. With my work, professional, on point, prepared, and inspired. I want people to be better after every encounter with me and vice versa.


On your Instagram (@iamasiahn), you’ve shared the very emotional process of going through the female reproductive struggles that come with a procedure like fibroid removal. Has this brought a deeper focus and intention in healing your body and heart as you move through this journey with your body?

Absolutely! It wasn’t an easy thing to share but I felt like I needed to. I’m by no means perfect or a robot. I was going through a very common human thing that I still have trouble with daily. I am currently on a new journey of healing my body, mind, and spirit.


What have been your key practices for feeling connected to your body and your inner sense of self-love during this time?

Taking candle lit baths with flowers and lofi music, journaling, painting, and just doing things I love to do.


You are now the loving owner of two Chakrubs— The Amethyst Slim and Heart Yoni Egg. Amethyst is a crystal with meditative and calming energy for bringing you back to your center and the Heart (made from rose quartz) emits soft, feminine energy for promoting unconditional love in the body and heart. Tell us about your experience working with each!

I am still in the healing phase of myomectomy, so honestly I’ve been a little nervous to go crazy with them. But I cleansed them and before using them I put them in warm water to warm them up a little. I feel they bring a spiritual element to self loving and masturbation itself. It makes your connection with yourself so much deeper, if that makes sense.


Thank you so much for your time and openness. If you could leave the audience with any final insights on creating art through a spiritual and connected lense, what would you say?

Be Honest, Be Present, and Go with the Flow.



You can listen to Asiahn’s latest EP, THE INTERLUDE, on Spotify. You can also follow her on Instagram (@iamasiahn) to keep up with the latest music releases and watch her IGTV series “Align with Asiahn”.


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