Are Crystals Porous? Are Crystals Porous?

Are Crystals Porous?

Chakrubs are sustainable, beautiful, and safe for internal use– not to mention the many benefits of incorporating crystal therapy into your sex life or pleasure practice. As crystal sex toys grow in popularity, many new to the practice have questions and concerns about playing with crystals in their most intimate parts. 

Fortunately, we have years of customer testimonials, studies, and all the information you need to feel comfortable (and really good) about working with a crystal sex toy. 

Porous vs Non-porous 

Traditionally, in the sex toy industry, there are two categories of product; porous and non-porous.

Non-porous products would be toys made out of material like metal, glass, and medical-grade silicone. The idea here is that by being non-porous there is minimal opportunity for bacteria to grow and take over the sex toy. The thing to look out for with toys classified as non-porous is if the material they are made of is non-toxic. Unnatural materials made with heavy chemicals pose their own risks even if they are technically non-porous. 

Porous products would include toys made out of jelly, rubber, PVC, and vinyl. While these materials are often very soft and comfortable for use they are also made with many chemicals and pose the risk of bacteria growing into the center of the toy. Proper cleaning habits and care of these toys is super important for safe usage. 

Are crystals porous or non-porous?

So where do crystals fall into those categories?

Crystals are actually somewhere in between the spectrum. Some crystals, like rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst, are non-porous. There is minimal opportunity for bacteria to grow and take over the sex toy, just like glass or metal toys, and with proper care they are meant to last a lifetime. 

Other crystals are considered to be slightly porous or having "closed porosity". This just means that if they do have pores, they lay on the surface of the stone but would make it very difficult for bacteria to get through to the center. As with non-porous toys, practicing proper care and cleaning habits is the key to safe us. 

The crystals used for making sexual tools such as yoni eggs and Chakrubs are hard, polished, and smoothed stones. All Chakrubs products go through high-standard testing to ensure they are safe for use. Years of testimonials from our customers and own team have shown the safety (and effectiveness) of using crystals as sex toys. 

How to care for crystal

The basics of care are simple. Always wash your toy with warm water and a mild soap after use to ensure it is safe for next time. 

Your body is powerful and intelligent. This is doesn't mean that you want to over-challenge it, but instead appreciate how it balances all the other bacterias and foreign objects it comes into contact with regularly (your partner's genitalia, fingers, other sex toys, etc.)

The natural vibrations and metaphysical properties of crystals are an incredible asset to your sexual life.

If you have any questions about starting a Chakrubs practice, just reach out to us.

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