Abundance Rituals with Indian Jade Chakrubs and Yoni Eggs Abundance Rituals with Indian Jade Chakrubs and Yoni Eggs

Abundance Rituals with Indian Jade Chakrubs and Yoni Eggs

Sex magic is the practice of harnessing sexual energy to attract and manifest one’s desires. Orgasmic energy is the energy of creation and when wielded with intention, can help bring our deepest aspirations to fruition.

To begin, you should first become acquainted with your sexual energy. Know what excites you and how to turn yourself on. Seduce yourself as if you were taking yourself for a lover for the first time and become curious about the infinite ways to channel pleasure through your body.

For those who doubt their worthiness or ability to achieve their desires, self-pleasure can be a powerful rehearsal space to practice the act of receiving and to show your subconscious how good it feels to receive. As you build pleasure in your body, you can imagine that it is acting as a magnet and attracting your desires to you. When you reach climax, allow yourself to feel the full satisfaction of manifesting your desires. Affirm that your dreams are as real as the orgasm that just shuddered through you. 

Made from natural green aventurine crystal, the Indian Jade Chakrub and yoni egg are perfect for combining pleasure and manifestation rituals. Green aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity, enhancing confidence in our ability to manifest. It inspires creativity and motivation, helping us to remain focused and weather obstacles.

If you’re new to sex magic, you can ask the Indian Jade to supplement the optimism and motivation that you may be lacking. If you’re experienced, you can use the Indian Jade to deepen your practice and expand your perception of what is possible. 

Here are a few simple exercises for manifesting with the Indian Jade Chakrub and yoni egg: 

  1. Cleanse and program your Indian Jade Chakrub or yoni egg with your intention.

  • Begin by cleansing your Chakrub or yoni egg using your preferred method.
  • Next, meditate while holding the Chakrub or yoni egg in your lap. During this meditation, visualize what you hope to manifest. Alternatively, you can imagine that the Chakrub or yoni egg is filled with abundant energy or all of the confident qualities that you want to bring forward in yourself. Sit in this imagery for a few minutes and imagine that your desires, abundance, and/or confidence are being absorbed into the Chakrub or yoni egg.
  • Now that your Chakrub or yoni egg is programmed with your intention, every time you use it you will be infusing yourself with these energies. There are many ways to deepen this fantasy. You might begin a morning self-pleasure practice so that one of the first things you do every day is imbue yourself with abundant, confident, desirous energy. You might wear your yoni egg and consciously focus on drawing in confidence or abundance with each kegel flex. 

  1. Connect to earth abundance. 

  • Begin by cleansing your yoni egg. 
  • After inserting your yoni egg, put on a dress or skirt and head to your backyard, a park, or any accessible green space.
  • Find a solitary patch of grass and sit down, allowing your bare butt and genitals to connect with the earth. If you are uncomfortable sitting directly on the grass, you can sit on a towel or blanket. 
  • For a few minutes, just notice the connection that exists between you and the earth. Consider how massive our planet is, all of the life that it produces, and all of the ancient wisdom contained within its many layers. Now affirm that you are also the earth and that you are part of this abundance. The earth’s abundance is not just something that you have access to, it is also who and what you are.
  • You can imagine that your yoni egg is a seed that has been fertilized through this earthly connection. Affirm that you are manifesting in conjunction with the earth, rather than using its energies for your own desires. This should also encourage you to think about how your desires will benefit the earth and the larger collective. 

  1. Create space for pleasure with external massage 

  • If it feels accessible for you, this ritual can be done in front of a mirror.
  • To begin, take a shower and cleanse your Chakrub.
  • Afterwards, moisturize your entire body.
  • Next, beginning with your shoulders and working your way down, begin using your Chakrub to externally massage your body. Do this slowly and intentionally, giving gratitude to each body part and recognizing what it does for you. You can roll the Chakrub lengthwise for gentle pressure or use the pointed end for a focused massage. As you release tension, affirm that you are creating space for more pleasure to be felt in the body. For example, as you roll the Chakrub lengthwise around your chest, you might affirm that you are creating space for self-love and compassion. You can go deeper in this ritual, imagining how that self-love and compassion will open you up to even more abundance. 

Written by Danielle Dorsey for Chakrubs

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