A Summer Solstice Sex Magic Ritual A Summer Solstice Sex Magic Ritual

A Summer Solstice Sex Magic Ritual

The Summer Solstice, also known as Litha, is commonly represented across cultures as a moment in space to embrace abundance and beauty. For centuries this solstice has been marked as a time to celebrate the bounty springtime has gifted us and to fuel our souls with the fire of the sun to shine bright. It also marks the first day of Summer, and here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is the longest light day of the year. The Summer Solstice is all about honoring the lightness into our own lives and bodies.

Tapping into the solstice energy can help you to—

Feel alive with passion
Exude warmth from your heart
Dance with lightness in your soul

The sun is the center of our solar system and its power radiates through our center to fuel our growth. We can connect to the summer season and fire elements to cultivate that energy in our body and spearhead that passion with self (or a partner).

How to Create a Sex Magic Ritual For Lightness

  1. Create a summer altar. You can follow this guide on creating an altar space for your Chakrub if you don’t have one set up already. Think of a corner of a room or top of a dresser or table that can be filled with items that aid you in embodying and sense of being. For the summer altar in particular, incorporate yellows, oranges, and colors of fire and passion. Include a candle or scented oil that evokes spice and warmth like cardamom. Bring in crystals and/or flowers that tie back to that same feeling of heat, light, and sensuality.
  2. Hold gratitude. For the warmth, for mother nature, for something individually special and specific in your life. What are you grateful for? Write it down.
    Under what you’re grateful for, note what feels inspiring to you in this season of your life. We all change. Season-to-season, year-to-year. No judgment be true to your innermost self here.
  3. Now, set the mood. Do this for yourself and no one else. Treat yourself like your own best lover. Craft and turn on a playlist, dim the lights, diffuse your favorite scent, maybe even indulge in a self-massage—really romance yourself.
  4. Start touching yourself. Start slow and build up the heat. You can incorporate actual elements of heat by warming your hands before you touch yourself, or lying in the sunlight. Bonus points aligning heat build with your music and getting sweaty with it.
  5. Come with gratitude. Let that feeling of gratitude for what you have, as well as what magic is to come next on the horizon be the focus of your release. Can you see it? Can you feel it? Can you taste it? Use all of your senses. *Please note, if you don’t come that doesn’t mean the ritual was a fail or any less powerful. Intentional pleasure in itself is powerful.
  6. Lay back, relax, and reflect on what you created. How can you bring more of that feeling, desire, and focus into this season? What did gratitude feel like as it built up in your body?

This year’s Summer Solstice takes light on Sunday, June 20th. The exact solstice takes place at 11:32 PM EST. Wishing you all the love and light this Summer.



Jenna Schreck
Jenna is a cosmic love, relationships, and wellness writer. She chronicles her journeys from food to cycle syncing to sex over on her blog and recently founded @herpleasurejourney to empower womxn to dig into their pleasure and drop shameful societal views surrounding it so that they can feel more. P.S. I always love to hear about your ritual experience. If you have questions, comments, or simply want to share. Feel free to DM me over on @nowheylady or find more sex magic rituals on my personal column.

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