A Spring Equinox Sex Magic Ritual For Renewal A Spring Equinox Sex Magic Ritual For Renewal

A Spring Equinox Sex Magic Ritual For Renewal

The March, or vernal, equinox signifies the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. Our Northern Hemisphere will welcome springtime on March 20th at 5:37AM EST. Vernal means: “of the spring,” “fresh,” or “new.” On both equinoxes—Autumnal and Spring—we have the joy of experiencing a perfect balance of day and night, of light and dark. But on the vernal equinox, light takes over and our days become longer than our nights. And for sensitive beings, Spring has a tendency to feel like an entirely new world.

The Spring Equinox can feel like a rising up from the creative slumber that is Winter. The return of the light can affect both our inner and outer worlds. This is the perfect time to release any doubts and fears that have been haunting you or made you feel stuck in the hibernation period that is Winter. This upcoming Spring season is the time to allow yourself to surrender into a new intention or energetic frequency of renewal.

What do you want to rise up into the light of this season?

Write it down.

Don’t hesitate.

Let the words pour out.

Then grab a pen, journal or piece of paper, and let’s get our ritual on. This sex magic ritual can be used as a self-love tool this equinox as we celebrate the return of the light. Through movement, through dance, through pleasure, through connection, we can embody the seasonal blooms.


How to Create A Sex Magic Ritual For Self Healing and Renewal:

Set an intention. Think of something you want to shed with the Winter season. When you pinpoint what you want to leave behind, it will be easier to envision what you want to work towards. For example, when you decide you want to let go of the fear surrounding a creative project, it allows you to reframe the intention in an actionable way. While it’s easy to say “I want to move into lightness,” understanding what that means for the spirit or the body is difficult to wrap our human minds around. A vague desire to step into lightness turns into a solid intention that may look something like: “I channel the light and evoke my to birth .

*manifestation tip: always speak in the present tense as if it is already happening. Yes, you can outsmart your own brain.

Create space. Romance your inner goddess and woo her as you would expect a lover to woo you. Turn on music that makes her hips move. Light a candle with an earthy or floral scent. Put your favorite sheets and blankets on the bed. Strip down or lace up a piece of lingerie that unveils the divine feminine energy sitting in your sacral space.

Connect with your goddess. Take a moment of quiet time to tune in with her. If it helps, rotate the hips in clockwise circles (or partake in any dance that feels right to you) to heat up that sacral chakra energy. Let her come through you. If you don’t hear anything in the moment that’s perfectly okay. Just make space for her.

Start touching. No force. Tender touch only. Listen to her—her being your inner goddess. Remember, pleasure comes in many forms. Leave your deep-seated idea of what pleasure should look like with the darkness of the Winter season and call in what pleasure truly means to you with the lightness of Spring.

Come back to your intention. As things start to heat up, come back to your intention. Come back to your body. Bring that intention to the spaces in your body that are engorged in pleasure. Weave in awareness.

Come. Or ride the pleasure wave. The choice is yours. Flow with what comes or doesn’t come. There is no goal. There is only being and connecting with your body and your inner goddess.

Relish in her. What feels different? What feels the same? Take a moment to yourself. Maybe place a hand on the womb or heart space (or both!). Let your body and inner goddess know you are there. Have a chat with her if that feels good. When you’re ready, slowly bring movement back to your body and return to our earth-side world ready to rule the new season with renewed light.

Remember you can always alter instructions to fit your body, spirit, and constitution. Trust and follow the renewal path that is meant for you this season.

P.S. I always love to hear about your ritual experience. If you have questions, comments, or simply want to share. Feel free to DM me over on @nowheylady or find more sex magic rituals on my personal column.

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