A Meditation and Mantras for Rooting in Pleasure

This is useful as a repeated spoken or written meditation, or you can utilize certain lines as mantra.

I make room for my body to feel pleasure wherever and whenever it wants

in my pleasure I am my own decider
rooted in my pleasure, I cannot demand less than
rooted in pleasure, it arises everywhere, with every sense, and with every small
sniff or bite or scratch on my skin
rooted in pleasure, that is all I am allowed to feel

The frequency of pleasure blocks resentment and hate

rooted in pleasure, I can tell my body, it is ok to feel good

I can liberate my muscles from remembering only the pain

rooted in pleasure, I am my own captain
rooted in pleasure, my worth aligns with my value
rooted in pleasure, I am worthy

Short Mantras to Repeat for Rooting Down in Your Pleasure When You Are Triggered:

I am safe here

I make room for my body to feel pleasure wherever and whenever it wants

My personal power is easily accessible

I have a limitless capacity for pleasure

Feature image by Julissa Ramirez


Jenny Sotelo
Jenny Sotelo (she/her) is a designer and dancer residing in Los Angeles and has been Chakrubs' Creative Director since 2017. She also holds her RYT Yoga Teacher training certificate and Reiki II certification. She currently works remotely for Chakrubs and also participates in various performance art opportunities and holds guided meditations around Los Angeles.

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